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General Project Information

Construction at Brisbane Airport – a complex process

In simple terms, Brisbane Airport is located on a swamp. More specifically, the 2700 hectare airport precinct sits on an old river delta which contains an abundance of soft and waterlogged soil.


Areas like this represent a challenge for both construction and ongoing maintenance of water levels and critical infrastructure. The sections below explain the steps Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) takes to develop this land.

For more information on construction at Brisbane Aiport: Building on Soft Soils.

Creating a firm base for construction

Every development at the Airport has been through a long process of engineered compression to form a solid base before building up.


Typically, this involves piling sand (or similar material) on the site, allowing it time to compact the area and squeeze out the water (via a complex drainage system), before pushing off excess sand and constructing. It takes a number of years before the required firmness is achieved and this means construction projects at the Airport include long site preparation times


Recent project updates

Runway Overlay

Lomandra Drive Upgrade

Road upgrade in Skygate

Upgrade of Cycling and Pedestrian connections

Airside Drainage Upgrade

Charlie Earp Bridge Overlay

Utility Works Along Lomandra Drive


Construction imagery


Excavation works on the NPR site.


Underground service relocations as part of the NPR civil construction works.



Brisbane Airport background