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NPR Dredging & Reclamation Works




Brisbane Airport is located on an old Brisbane River delta. This means the underlying soils are very soft and watery. Significant preparation work must be completed to create a solid base for the new runway. To compress the soil and remove the water,around 13 million cubic metres of sand isrequired from Moreton Bay to be placed on the runway site.


One of the newest ships in the Jan de Nul fleet, the Charles Darwin trailer suction hopper dredge, will arrive in Queensland in mid-2014 to start dredging clean marines and from Moreton Bay, for Brisbane’s New Parallel Runway (NPR). 


The sand to be dredged is an extremely clean product free of all contaminants with negligible levels of fines or silts, which will ensure that the dredging process will not result in any harmful effects to marine life. Dredging in Moreton Bay is confined to a long, narrow linear footprint with gentle sloping batters adjacent the main shipping channel.



What happens?

  • The dredge extracts clean marine sand,without digging and infringing on the deeper soil layers.
  • The footprint avoids seagrass and areas with a high abundance of marine life.
  • Dredging will not interfere with dolphins,whales, dugongs or marine turtles.
  • No significant noise, visual or landscape impacts are expected to affect Moreton sland communities.
  • The selected area avoids other users of the Bay, such as commercial and recreational fisheries and tourism operators.
  • A 24/7 real-time monitoring program will be in place once the dredge starts work to ensure all water quality limits are being met



Delivering sand to the runway site

  • The sand will be pumped to the NPR site through the pipeline in a water/sand mix in aratio of up to 5:1.
  • That means for each load of 30,000 m3 of sand, up to 150,000 m3 of water will also be delivered to the reclamation site for management prior to release.
  • The water is taken from the Brisbane River at the mooring location and mixed with the sand for pumping purposes.
  • For information on the dredging process see the BAC Fact Sheet Dredging and Reclamation.



Fact Sheets on the project


Video explaning the Dredging process:



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