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Airside Projects



> Timing:September 2016 - late  2017

> Investment: $47 million

> Construction jobs: 150+


Closely linked to the International terminal works, the new northern apron expansion is a direct result of significant growth in international flights at Brisbane Airport and is required to meet increased demand from airlines wishing to fly to and from BNE.


The expansion will result in an extra 55,000 square metres of new apron pavement, new aircraft taxi lanes, three new aircraft parking bays and increased storage area for Ground Services Equipment (GSE)


Three new Bays 69 to 71 will deliver one new Code F parking position capable of accommodating more A380’s and two more Code E slots, suitable for Boeing 747’s and 787 Dreamliner’s and Airbus A330’s and A340’s.


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> Timing: Mid 2017 to December 2017

> Investment: $25 million

> Constrution jobs: 40+


The important Hotel Taxiway is used by aircraft accessing Aerotech Park, a maintenance, manufacturing and aviation services precinct, north east of Brisbane Airport’s main 01/19 runway.


While the current taxiway is capable of accommodating up to Code C aircraft (Boeing 737, Airbus 320), the expansion will now allow larger aircraft up to the size of Code E (Boeing 777, 787 Dreamliner and Airbus 330) to access this important aerotech facility.


Work began in June 2017 and, when complete in December 2017, will deliver the following benefits:

• Construction of new high strength shoulder and blast protection taxiway pavements

• Installation of new aeronautical ground lighting (AGL) and movement area guidance signs (MAGS)

• Construction of new stormwater drainage structures

• Construction of lateral restraint kerbs

• Line marking

• Demolition of existing pavement and removal of existing services and AGL (as required).


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> Timing: Completed


Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) has completed a $35 million overlay upgrade of its main Runway 01/19.


Work took place each night from late March to the end of September 2016.




• February 2016 to March 2016: Project Preparation works: compound set-up; hardstand equipment and vehicles, and preparation work to access roads.


Stage 1:

• 27 March to 8 May 2016: 2300hrs to 0500hrs – RWY 01/19 to operate with a displaced threshold in place – little or no impact to scheduled services.


Stage 2:

• 9 May to 31 July 2016: 2300hrs to 0000hrs – RWY 01/19 to operate with a displaced threshold in place – little or no impact to scheduled services.

 0001hrs to 0500hrs – full runway closure. No emergency landings on 01/19 once work starts.


Stage 3:

• 01 August to 30 September 2016: 0001hrs to 0500hrs – full runway closure, no displaced thresholds. No emergency landings on 01/19 once work starts.

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> Timing: TBC

> Investment: $TBC


Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) is planning a major multi-million dollar expansion north of the Domestic Terminal.


The work is a direct result of sustained growth in flights and is required to meet the forecast increase in regional demand, as well as the future plans of low cost carrier airline operations.


The expansion will result in an extra 70,000 square metres of new apron pavement, new aircraft taxi lanes and 15 new aircraft parking bays.



> Timing: Completed

> Investment: $44 million


Delivered in mid-2015, this multi-million dollar project has allowed BNE to operate the only dual apron taxiways in Australia, resulting in simultaneous arrival and departure of aircraft and increasing efficiency for airlines.


With an extra 50,000 square metres of aircraft pavement, the project also delivered seven new aircraft parking bays giving airlines the capacity to increase scheduled services and allow extra space for aircraft layover parking.


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