Domestic Terminal Public Pick-up FAQ's

How long will it take to walk between the Domestic Terminal and the Public Pick-Up Area?
  • It’s 358 metres from the central face of the terminal to the Public Pick-Up Area.

  • Comparatively, the distance between the terminal and the Public Pick-Up Area is shorter than the distance between check-in and the satellite gate lounges at the northern (394m) and southern (368m) ends of the terminal, and is approximately 100m closer to the terminal than the temporary short-term car parks used during construction of the new multi-level car park.  Depending on how fast you walk, it takes between 7-15 minutes to walk from the terminal to the Public Pick-Up Area.
  • The walkway to the Public Pick-Up Area is undercover the entire way with rest points available every 60 metres.


How do passengers get to the Public Pick-Up Area at the Domestic Terminal?
  • Pedestrian get to the Public Pick-Up Area via the overhead pedestrian Skywalk. Access to the Skywalk is via the travelators from either end of the terminal, or from the lifts or escalators at the base of the Skywalk.
  • Signage will direct passengers across the Skywalk, through Level 3 of the new multi-level car park and into the Level 3 lobby of the long-term car park (P2).
  • From the Level 3 lobby in P2, passengers will take the lift or stairs to Level 1 (ground) and then follow the covered walkway to the Public Pick-up Area.
Can I leave my vehicle to meet my passengers or do I need to wait by my vehicle?
  • There is no requirement to stay with your vehicle however we recommend that you wait for your passengers to meet you in the Public Pick-Up Area.
  • If you wish to spend time in the terminal meeting, greeting and assisting passengers your best option is to park in the new multi-level car park (P1).



Can I still pick up passengers on the Departures/Drop-off Road?
  • No. Pick-up along the Departures/Drop-off Road will not be permitted, unless you are picking-up passengers with disabilities or mobility issues (refer to question 6).



Do I need a ticket to enter the Public Pick-Up Area?
  • The process is the same as when entering the undercover multi-level car parks and there are several options: 

    Option 1: Insert your credit card at the entry gate: no ticket is issued. Then simply put the same credit card in when you exit and press the button for a receipt. If you have been 20 minutes or less you will not be charged a fee.

    Option 2: (If your wait is less than 20 minutes) Collect a paper ticket on entry, and insert in machines at the exit gate and leave free of charge.

    Option 3: (If your wait is more than 20 minutes) Collect a paper ticket on entry, then pay by cash or credit card at the automatic pay machines in the covered waiting area, or you may pay by credit card only at the exit boom gate by first entering your ticket, then your credit card. Customers parking longer than 20 minutes in the Public Pick-Up Area will be charged the published rates from time of entry.


Will there be any disabled spaces in the new Public Pick-Up Area?
  • Yes. Seven marked disabled bays will be available. While pick-up of passengers with disabilities is possible, it is strongly preferred that all pick-ups of passengers with disabilities take place on the Departures/Drop-off Road, which is closer to the terminal and allows 30 minutes parking.
  • Vehicles displaying the necessary permits parked in the disabled bays in the Public Pick-Up facility can park for up to 20 minutes for free.
  • Seats are available at regular intervals along the path to the terminal.
  • Drivers picking-up passengers with a disability or mobility problem who do NOT have a disabled parking permit, can use the Departures/Drop-off Road to pick-up their passengers but must advise the Kerbside Officer before leaving their vehicle to avoid being towed.



How do I enter and exit the Public Pick-Up Area? Are there separate entry/exit points?
  • Entry to the Public Pick-Up Area is from the right-hand lane of Moreton Drive via Dryandra Road or the left-hand lane of Airport Drive via Dryandra Road. Signs on the overhead gantries and alongside the road will direct drivers to the Public Pick-Up location.
  • The exit will be located on the eastern side of the facility, and will connect into the newly built exit roads on the southern end of the long-term car park.
  • The new exit roads lead traffic onto the Airport Drive roundabout.
What happens if I wait longer than 20 minutes in the Public Pick up facility?
  • Customers parking longer than 20 minutes in the Public Pick-Up Area will be charged the published rates from time of entry. 

Can I leave the Public Pick-Up Area and re-enter if my passengers are running late?
  • Yes, you can exit and re-enter the Public Pick-Up Area at a later time.
Will staff be available at the Public Pick-Up Area?
  • The car park staff will be available via the intercoms at the entry and exit gates.
  • Also, car park staff and kerbside officers will patrol the facility from time to time.
Why can’t we continue to use the Departures/Drop-off Road?


  • Passenger numbers are expected to increase from 16-million in 2012 to 33-million by 2028 at Brisbane Airport. To manage growth and provide a world-class airport befitting a world-class city like Brisbane we have to change the way we've been doing things for the last 20 years and build for the future by separating the drop-off and pick-up areas to improve passenger access and traffic flow to and in front of the terminal.
  • The drop-off process is usually the most time critical and stressful aspect for the majority of travellers, but it is also a relatively quick process that can be easily accommodated kerbside on the terminal road.  Pick-up however is generally more time consuming, taking 10 minutes or more for each vehicle, which means for every kerbside space used for pick-up, four vehicles cannot drop-off at peak times.
  • Stopping on the Departures/Drop-off road is also limited to two minutes for security reasons. The new Public Pick-Up Area provides visitors 20 minutes free parking, allowing more time for the entire pick-up process, including giving passengers time to collect their baggage and make their way to the pick-up point.
When will upgrades be complete at the Brisbane Airport?
  • The Public Pick-Up Area is part of a staged, $350 million+ upgrade and expansion of Brisbane Airport’s Domestic Terminal Precinct.
  • This investment has included the construction of the new multi-level car park, pedestrian Skywalk linking the car parks to the terminal, and a reconfigured road system around the Domestic Terminal precinct.
  • The project is now complete with only minor 'finishing touches' taking place over the next month or so.
How many bays are located in the Public Pick-Up Area?
  • There are 221 bays in total, which includes 214 standard bays and seven spaces marked for people with disabilities.
Are there other options for picking up passengers without using the Public Pick-Up Area?

Yes! Brisbane Airport’s orange T-Bus offers FREE transfers between the Domestic Terminal and Airport Village.  Drivers can park for free at Airport Village (near the DFO) and relax and do some shopping or get a coffee while waiting to meet passengers.


The T-Bus departs outside the northern (Qantas) and southern (Virgin Australia) ends of the Domestic Terminal approximately every 20 minutes. Please see the full schedule here -!/BrisAirport


Other transport options to and from the airport include taxis, rental cars, AirTrain, off-site parking, limousine, Con-x-ion airport transfer bus services and council bus services from Airport Village.

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