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Airport Capacity Enhancement (ACE) Program in Brisbane

Airservices Australia and Brisbane Airport Corporation Pty Ltd are implementing an Airport Capacity Enhancement Program (ACE) at Brisbane Airport.


The goal of the ACE Program is to identify opportunities to improve efficiency and to increase the utilisation of existing assets and infrastructure to increase runway capacity and reduce congestion and delays.


The Brisbane ACE Program contains a number of initiatives which will be studied and implemented if proven to be safe, efficient and effective.


While a parallel runway will still be critical to address Brisbane Airport’s long-term capacity, the ACE Program will assist in the short-term.


Some of the measures include:

  • Increasing the use of the short cross-runway;
  • Improving pilot reaction times and reducing runway and taxiway occupancy times to ultimately reduce the time required for take-offs and landings;
  • Optimising aircraft sequencing, and
  • Introducing more standardisation across different operators and aircraft types.


Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) is a signatory to the ACE Program having contributed significantly to its development and delivery, and strongly supports its implementation.

For further information on the ACE Program, visit the Projects section Airservices Australia Website.


Demand and Capacity Forum


Brisbane Airport Corporation and Airservices Australia recently hosted a Demand and Capacity Forum in Brisbane aimed at reviewing initiatives to address delays at Brisbane Airport.

The forum, which was attended by forty aviation industry leaders, was the first of its kind in Queensland.


Click Here for more information on this forum.

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