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NPR Fact Sheets

The runway is a critical part of a multi-billion dollar investment into capacity-building infrastructure.The new runway will be 3.3km long, 60m wide, located 2km west of and parallel to the existing main runway. It will have more than 12km of taxiways,

navigational aids, airfield infrastructure and hundreds of hectares of airfield landscaping.


Fact sheets on the project

  1. NPR Project Overview
  2. NPR Funding
  3. NPR Economic Analysis
  4. NPR Aircraft Noise
  5. NPR Operating with Parallel Runways
  6. NPR Constructing a New Runway - Why Does it Take Eight Years
  7. NPR Bird Management
  8. NPR Biodiversity Zone
  9. NPR Dredging and Reclamation Works
  10. NPR Environmental Management
  11. NPR The Approval Process



NPR Employment Opportunities

How many jobs are being created?

During the building of the new runway it is anticipated that around 2,700 jobs will be created during peak construction. Longer term, the new runway will help generate an additional 7,800 jobs for the Brisbane/Moreton region by 2035.


How can I apply for a job on the new runway project?

Recruitment for job opportunities related to the construction of the new runway will be undertaken solely by the contractors appointed. BAC has announced Jan De Nul (Australia) Pty Ltd will undertake the dredging and reclamation works, which are scheduled to start in coming weeks.



for further information about any Jan De Nul vacancies.

Recruitment by BAC is generally undertaken by recruiters with these positions advertised on


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