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Fact Sheets

The runway is a critical part of a multi-billion dollar investment into capacity-building infrastructure.The new runway will be 3.3km long, 60m wide, located 2km west of and parallel to the existing main runway. It will have more than 12km of taxiways, navigational aids, airfield infrastructure and hundreds of hectares of airfield landscaping.


Take Off Newsletter

Brisbane Airport are now producing a regular newsletter to update the community on the progress of Brisbane's New Runway.   

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Fact sheets on the project

  1. Overview
  2. Why Does it take 8 Years?
  3. Construction Timeline
  4. Aircraft Noise
  5. Biodiversity
  6. Bird Management
  7. Dredging
  8. Economic Contribution
  9. Environment Management
  10. Operations
  11. Airspace Design
  12. Next Stage of Construction
  13. Site Access & Seawall Works


NPR Employment Opportunities

How many jobs are being created?

During the building of the new runway it is anticipated that around 2,700 jobs will be created during peak construction. Longer term, the new runway will help generate an additional 7,800 jobs for the Brisbane/Moreton region by 2035.



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