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the more hearty barra and beefburgers washed
down with a choice of ciders, or wine by the
carafe. This is the place to get to know the
neighbourhood. See
Saturday 6.30pm
One of the great things about summer is being
able to lie back on a bean bag and watch a
movie with the cool breath of a river breeze
against your cheek. Moonlight Cinema is back
at Brisbane Powerhouse, New Farm Park. It’s
not only a chance to revisit some favourite
classics, including
Monty Python: Life of Brian
Top Gun
Dirty Dancing,
but also to see
new releases. For example,
Saving Mr Banks
previews ahead of its cinema release. The film
stars Tom Hanks as Walt Disney, who tries
desperately to win over a very uncooperative
PL Travers to get her iconic children’s book
Mary Poppins
to the big screen.
Maltesers Moonlight Cinema from 12
December. Tickets $16 each. Bean bed hire $9.
Spring Hill Baths or a stone’s throw from the
bigger Centenary Pool (built in 1959, it’s also
heritage-listed) in Gregory Terrace. Bookings at
SisCo only for four people or more.
Saturday 12pm
Women in Brisbane once liked to boast that
they went to Sydney or Melbourne to do their
fashion shopping. Well, not any more.
With luxury retailers joining the dots between
Queen Street Mall along Edward
Street to Elizabeth Street, High
Street retailer Top Shop opening this
month around the block in Albert
Street, and retailers in the James Street
precinct in Fortitude Valley inching
their way up the hill to New Farm, we’re
spoilt for choice. Gail Sorronda is the pick of
the new breed in James Street and Calexico
showcases a carefully curated collection of
imports, while Leona Edmiston Vintage offers
an exchange system for customers to swap their
pre-loved styles. See
Saturday 4pm
“Lettuce is like conversation; it must be fresh
and crisp…” said American essayist and Mark
Twain contemporary Charles Dudley Warner
– a sentiment that perfectly describes the
vibe at Sixes and Sevens Public House. The
remodelled cottage (on the corner of James
and Arthur Streets, Fortitude Valley, opposite
the QA Hotel) is the work of the owners of
Cru-Bar, the pioneer of the trendy bar scene
in the Valley years ago – but it couldn’t be
more different. Where one is all sleek and chic
the other is the new-gen “local” – small and
social, more gastropub than haughty wine
bar. The menu is simply well-done – from
the beef spare ribs or prawn sticks to share to
Sunday 12.30pm
New to the bustling South Brisbane food and
entertainment precinct is the retro-themed South
Side Diner (Shop B8-9, 168 Grey Street, South
Brisbane), complete with jukebox, swivelling
bar stools and booths. Harun Gencerler, who
brought the hugely successful Ahmet’s to South
Brisbane and, more recently, the Next Door
Kitchen and Bar, has put the jive in all-day
dining with tall frosty milkshakes, root beer,
apple pie and pancakes on the menu of his
newest venture. The place is licensed but if you’ve
never tried a cherry soda, Dr Pepper or a Reese’s
peanut butter shake, now’s the time to try one.
Sunday 3pm
Not everything you see in the movies is make-
Science Fiction, Science Future
at the
Queensland Museum and Sciencecentre
(corner Grey and Melbourne Streets, South
brings holograms, mind control
and teleportation into the real world with an
interactive exhibition that is intriguing for all
ages. Anyone who saw the ABC1 three-part
Redesign Your Brain
recently will have
seen the program’s host Todd Sampson use his
brain to power a remote-controlled car down
the street – similarly, visitors to
Science Fiction,
Science Future
will be able to compete with
each other to power a ball using only their
brain waves. And you know those times when
you’d really like to disappear – well now you
can, this exhibition will show you how and if
you really want to know more about yourself
step inside the Medibioscan and see what’s
really going on inside. Smart stuff.
Open 9am to 5pm daily. Tickets $14.50
adults, $44.50 family. For more information
From Friday night
music on the green
to latin vibes in
the square, a cool
cider at sundown or
movies under the
stars, there’s plenty
to do on a summer
weekend in the city
Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson
Saving Mr Banks
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