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A crafty brew
Why did you become a brewer?
Different sights, smells, tastes and the whole
craft movement was very appealing. I was in a
finance role in London and the draw of creating
my own business, coming home to Australia
and doing it all in an industry as burgeoning
and exciting as craft beer was too strong – it
really was a no brainer!
How did you make it happen?
Having always appreciated the product from
afar, it was really my involvement with Penelope
Coles (my mother-in-law) in the UK and
working with her initially blossomed into a
wider desire to study and practise the trade.
After studying in the US I decided it was
time to return home to Australia in 2010 and
actually put my plans into place.
Who is, or has been, your greatest mentor?
I’ve been lucky to meet and study under some
amazing people in the industry, including Prof.
Charlie Bamforth and Prof. Michael Lewis
The taste for craft-brewed beer is getting stronger and that’s
good news for Brisbane’s boutique brewers who are not afraid to
experiment in an effort to create something that is distinctively
Australian. Adrian Slaughter, of the Green Beacon Brewing
Company at Newstead, is one of them.
(who are two absolute doyens of the beer
world), but my true mentor without doubt
has been my mother-in-law Penelope Coles.
A pioneer of real ale and one of Britain’s first
female brewers of the modern era. She became
a brewer in the early ’80s, when beer sales in
the UK were at an all-time low, and challenged
the mainstream insipid golden lager market by
reinvigorating Britain’s proud ‘Real Ale’ history.
By challenging the perception that modern
beer was only required to be cold, fizzy and to
drunk en-masse, she really was part of the tide
that turned around the brewing industry in the
UK, which in turn inspired the great US craft
breweries of the same period to create the green
shoots of the modern craft movement.
What is the best food accompaniment for
your brews?
If anything, the sheer diversity of end product
rivals, if not exceeds that of wine. As such, there
is a world of different beer-food combinations
that work incredibly well.
Our core range of craft ales comprises six
styles that we pair with foods as diverse as
Moreton Bay bug, through to triple creme brie
and pickled figs. We strongly recommend our
Penny Porter Ale with fresh Moreton Bay rock
oysters. The combination of smoky, roasted
malt and briny metallic oysters is classic and
contemporary – a great nod to the fine local
seafood of South East Queensland!
Your favourite pubs (excluding your own)?
In Brisbane, The Alliance (Spring Hill), because
they support local craft beers, have good food
and it’s a bit old-school. In Australia, Lord
Nelson, at the Rocks, Sydney, which is old,
awesome and it’s a micro brewery! In the world,
the White Horse, Parsons Green, London. I
have a lot of good memories of the place where
I tried my first craft beers and real ale. Love it!
Green Beacon Brewing Company, 26 Helen
Street, Teneriffe. Call (07) 3252 8393. See
Tours for thirsty critters
If you have a thirst for knowledge of the
new craft beers there’s a tour for you,
led by Pete Luetjens (above), of Thirsty
Critters. These are a few stops on tour...
Stone & Wood Brewery, Byron Bay
Former Matilda Bay brewers Brad
Rogers, Jamie Cook and Ross Jurisich are
producing award-winning beers of their
own, including their flagship Pacific Ale,
which has been voted top of the Hottest
100 Beers list.
Burleigh Brewing Company,
Burleigh Heads
Names like My Wife’s Bitter certainly are a
conversation starter – brewmaster Brennan
Fielding named the beer as a gift to his
wife, who gave up a career in corporate
law to join him in the beer business by the
beach. Their signature Hef was named Best
German Wheat Beer at the World Beer
Cup in 2012. Enough said!
MT Brewery, Mount Tamborine
With names such as Black Cockatoo Lager
and Rainforest Lager, there’s no mistaking
the hinterland origins of MT brews, which
are often accompanied by Witches Chase
cheeses also produced on site. MT also
takes inspiration from Belgian, German
and American-style ales.
Brisbane Good Beer Bus
Or you can simply hop aboard the beer
lovers tour bus to visit a selection of
the small bars that are helping drive the
growing taste for craft beer in this city.
The bus is for group bookings of 6 to 24
people at prices from $60 per person (not
including drinks).
All tours available through Thirsty
Critters. See
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