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t has been said that artists travel differently
to the rest of us…that when travelling they
switch on, not off, and the focus of their
journey becomes an artistic activity.
That certainly became the case with textile
artists Ann Maree Reaney and Jill Kinnear.
When they met at USQ they discovered they
had a lot in common besides their passion for
textiles, particularly a love of travel and they
shared the same response to reading the tales of
Aladdin as children. That was enough for them
to plan a trip together and they headed off to
exotic Morocco where they travelled through
Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains, to Fez,
Tangier and the Alhambra discovering the
beautiful tile patterns of North Africa and Spain.
They took hundreds of images of tiles,
not knowing what they would do with them
at first, but by the time they took their next
journey together, a year later, an idea had
crystallised. The two artists would create
textiles from their imagery and craft garments
with the fabrics, not as a fashion statement
but as works of art.
On their second trip, Reaney and Kinnear
(who, by this time, had taken up a position in
the US) travelled more than 4000km across
11 states in America’s south west taking video
footage that would provide the focal point for
a collaborative art project called
Road Trip
a collection of textile and fashion designs
exhibited at Artisan Gallery in Fortitude Valley
last year which has since attracted interest from
other countries to show it overseas.
Reaney and Kinnear enlisted the help of
fashion design student Lucy-Belle Rayner
to make garments to their design and using
fabrics digitally printed with their manipulated
images. There are 10 garments in the
collection, and the more complex designs took
three to four weeks each to create.
Wildly coloured (and driven) trucks in
India, seen on a third trip through Rajasthan
and Gujarat, provided further inspiration for
garments such as ‘Act of Faith’ while local crafts
are reflected in a jacket of mirror embroidery
and woven recycled biscuit wrappers.
Art of
Photography by Don Hildred
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