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n the words of walking tour guide Athol Parks, “Dunedin is a charming
wee place, steeped in Scottish heritage (it’s affectionately called ‘the
Edinburgh of the south’) and close to nature (the Otago Peninsula), with
the assets and attractions of a much larger city.” It also has a vibrant youth
culture and a sense of community that has seen its adventure tourism,
arts, music, design, fashion and food scene flourish. Here, Parks and other
talented locals share their favourite things to see and do in Dunedin.
It’s no longer New Zealand’s largest city but now it is so much more.
Some of Dunedin’s talented locals tell us what’s to like…
Discover Dunedin
A great way to get to know Dunedin is on one of Athol Parks’ guided
City Walks tours (Andrew Smith’s Hair Raiser Ghost Tours are another).
His tours generally operate from October to April and are tailored to the
time – such as the weather on the day and any special events that might be
taking place. But he’ll always have a few favourites on the tour such as the
Dunedin Railway Station in all its Edwardian glory, and he can show you
Dunedin Railway Station, built in
1906, is an oustanding monument to
Edwardian architecture and said to
be the most photographed building
in New Zealand
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