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Gastronomic Tourism, has also seen a shift away from celebrity chefs
to appreciating producers more, and welcomes it. “We have had all this
fuss and promotion of celebrity chefs, which is fine, but now it's time to
celebrate and really showcase the farmer and producer. These are the guys
that people want to see,” she says.
Those on Bahr’s market tours walk away with a better appreciation of what
goes into making a product and the people behind it, she says.
The popularity of farmers’ markets when we travel can be linked to how
we view ourselves and our lifestyle tastes.
“We don't want to be seen as traditional consumers shopping at a
supermarket. We want to be seen as caring consumers. It’s about the idea that
we’re caring for our planet,” says David Scott.
Earlier this year, a TripAdvisor survey found that one of the top five factors
influencing where Australians decide to travel is the number of restaurants
and shops at the destination. Thirty-seven per cent of the travellers surveyed
worldwide said restaurants and shops influenced their choice.
A TripAdvisor database search of Australian operators with ‘food tours’
in their titles found Gourmania Food Tours Tasmania was the most
popular. Adelaide's Top Food &Wine Tours came in second spot, followed
by Food Trail Tours in Cairns.
TripAdvisor also reconfirms our love of gastronomic tourism, with
a search of travellers’ favourite Aussie markets resulting in many that
specialise in food. Noosa Farmers Market in Queensland was rated number
one, Adelaide Central Market was second, and South Melbourne Market
came third.
Food tourism will definitely grow in popularity, says Scott, even though
the trendsetters will likely move onto something else. Tawnya Bahr agrees.
She views food as a point of difference between regions, defining cultures,
cities and countries. “We are witnessing the effect of fast food and repelling
a bit to go back to our heritage, sense of place and connection to food.”
food and wine festivals in
4 to 13
Adelaide Food and Wine Festival, SA
4 to 13
Orange FOOD Week, NSW
24 to 28
Kangaroo Island FEASTival, SA
27 to 4 May
Tasting Australia, Adelaide SA
2 to 4
Taste of Perth, Langley Park, WA
15 to 18
Noosa International Food and Wine Festival, Qld
16 to 25
High Country Harvest Festival, Vic
21 to 25
Savour Tasmania, Hobart and regional Tasmania
27 to 29
Truffle Kerfuffle, Manjimup, WA
21 June to 31 July
Canberra Truffle Festival, ACT
15 to 17
Barossa Gourmet Weekend, SA
1 to 31
Fireside Festival, Canberra, ACT
1 to 30
Asian Food Festival, Melbourne, Vic
1 to 31
Good Food Month Sydney, Melbourne,
Canberra and Brisbane
13 to 16
Taste of Melbourne, Albert Park, Vic
22 – 24
Margaret River Gourmet Escape, WA
28 to 3
January Taste of Tasmania, Hobart
We are witnessing the effect of
fast food and repelling a bit to go
back to our heritage, sense of
place and connection to food
1. A beachside barbecue was a highlight of last year’s Margaret River
Gourmet Escape. 2. Noosa’s International Food and Wine Festival has grown
in numbers each year 3. Canberra’s Truffle Festival is a winter treat. 4-7. The
food and the beachside setting help make Noosa’s festival one of the most
popular to indulge a taste for good food and wine.
Images: Margaret River Gourmet Escape; Visit Canberra; Tourism and Events Qld
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