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Sebastien Pisasale
Artisan baker
Crust & Company
After four years as head baker at
French patisserie Chouquette, at New
Farm, Sebastien Pisasale has opened a
wholesale bakery with business partner
Lara Sample and the open door policy
at Crust & Company has a legion of
fans lining up for sourdough, baguettes
and brioche.
Cheese please
Graham Redhead grew up on a small family dairy farm where he milked cows
from a young age, so it’s no surprise he has developed a passion for cheese and
these days he spends almost every weekend touring the country teaching others
how to make it.
By the end of his two-day intensive courses students have a bundle of 10
delicious cheeses to take home, including a tangy quark (a low fat cream cheese
for savoury or sweet use), an Italian-style mozzarella and Persian fetta. While
Redhead hesitates to pick a favourite, when pressed this is what he’d have on
his own hand-picked cheese platter: Chabichou goat’s cheese (he’s been to the
Poitou region in France to make it); Roquefort sheep milk blue cheese; aged
cloth-ripened cheddar; Emmental or Gruyère; runny and triple cream mould; and
marinated gourmet fetta. And the best way to enjoy it, he says, is quality over quantity, and savour every mouthful.
The next Brisbane Intensive Cheesemaking Courses are on 22-23 March and 3-4 May 2014 at St James College, 201 Boundary Street,
Brisbane. For details (and other locations for courses around the country) see
Baker’s delight
Where are you from?
Strasbourg, in eastern France (capital of the
Alsace region).
Is baking in your blood?
I have always wanted to be a baker but my father
said no and made me stay at school and then go
to university. I was a banker for a couple of years
but I didn’t like it. I love tradition (I studied
history) and I love working with my hands. I am
very passionate about it.
What brought you to Brisbane?
My wife and I decided we wanted to discover
another country so I looked for opportunities. I
had offers from the US and Canada but we had
been to Australia before on holiday and loved it,
and Lara (Sample) said I could do what I wanted
so that was the best baking challenge for me.
What is Crust & Company famous for?
Hazelnut and chocolate croissants.
What else is on the menu?
Baguettes, croissants, sourdough, wholemeal,
rye, spelt and olive bread but we change some
fillings for croissants and brioche with the
season and mood. The rhubarb Danish is also
very popular – we make our own compote
with rhubarb, orange and raspberry, and we do
a savoury brioche baked in a mould with egg,
mushroom and bacon and cheese. We also do
pastries, pain chocolat, sometimes a pistachio
croissant and an orange blossom brioche. We’re
a wholesale bakery so we don’t have a massive
range, we focus on quality.
What’s the secret to good sourdough?
We only use flour, water, sourdough and salt;
you don’t need anything else.
What’s different about an artisan bakery?
What we’re doing is not new – in fact it’s very
old. We’re doing it the way they used to do
it; we’re going back to the basics and making
everything from scratch without additives like
self-raising agents, vinegar or ascorbic acid.
You can find a baguette or croissant in almost
every bakery, but the quality is different. When
you come into the bakery here the atmosphere
is also different, we open the door right to the
kitchen so people can see us baking, rolling
flour, shaping the bread. I deliberately don’t
bake everything at night; I bake in front of
the customer so they can see it’s fresh. It’s very
friendly, we want to give them the opportunity
to try and let them taste the difference.
Where else can we find your breads?
Green Beacon (Newstead), Pearl Café
(Woolloongabba), Chouquette (New Farm),
Harveys on James Street (Fortitude Valley),
Stamford Plaza Hotel (City), artie and mai
(Albion), Lutèce (Bardon), La Dolce Vita
(Milton), Depo (West End) and Rosalie
Gourmet Market are a few places.
What’s next?
I’m planning to do cooking classes later this year.
At 140 Edmonstone Street, Newmarket 4051.
Shop open Friday to Sunday 6am to 12 noon.
Takeaway coffee also available.
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