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Gregan tackles
café scene
Former Wallaby George Gregan made more
appearances for his national team than any other player
in Rugby Union history but he just might be making a
few more appearances in Brisbane now that he and
wife Erica have opened GG Espresso (on the mezzanine
level) and The George Bar & Bistro (on the ground floor)
at the uber sleek 111 Eagle Street in the city.
While this is the Gregans’ first crack at the Brisbane
dining market, they are no strangers to the café/
restaurant business. The couple already owns 20
espresso or wine bars in Sydney and they opened a
wine bar and bistro called The Local at Liberty Place in
Sydney’s Castlereagh Street that has a similar tenancy
profile to the Eagle Street address. But the pricepoint
of the menu at his new Brisbane venture won’t be as
lofty as the glass-walled riverside office tower. There’s
a Plat du Jour selection at $20 each and main courses
from $18 with wines by the glass from about $6.50.
Open Monday to Friday, call 3161 6113 for bookings.
Beers galore at kerbside
The local ain’t what it used to be and Hallelujah
to that. Just take a look at kerbside bar in
Constance Street, Fortitude Valley. It may
look like granny’s back porch, all mismatched
vintage furniture and old couches, but it boasts
a list of more than 200 beers (wheat, white,
pilsners, lagers, Trappist’s, IPAs, stouts, fruits
and sours among them), cider, wine and the
odd sparkling. This is one for real beer lovers.
Constance Street (Ann Street end),
Fortitude Valley. Open Wednesday and
Thursday 4pm-late; Friday and Saturday
4pm-5am; Sunday 1pm-late.
Endless summer
Officially it might be autumn but these cool bars keep the summer vibe alive
From the bunnies behind the bar to the
vertical wallgarden, magical mood lighting
and the daybed-style bench seating, this
is an oasis of cool above one of the busiest
thoroughfares in the city. And if showers
should threaten to dampen your summertime
dreamin’ they can close the retractable roof.
Chill out with a Twisted Spring Punch, a
refreshing Southside or indulge a craving for
world-class ciders.
646 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley. Open
Wednesday and Thursday 4pm-2am; Friday
to Sunday 1pm-2am.
Stepping into this bure-style bar is like stepping
onto the set of Gilligan’s Island but the drinks
list is for real – the best rum-based cocktails
this side of the Caribbean. Sure, they’ve got the
mai tais in coconuts, hurricanes in bowls and
the pina coladas in pineapples, with umbrellas
sticking out of almost every drink, but do
yourself a favour and ask the barman for a
recommendation here and hope they serve
up the 7-year-old Angostura Butterfly or El
Dorado 12 from the 50+ bottles on the shelf.
76 Vulture Street, West End. Open
Wednesday to Sunday 5pm-12midnight
Beach Burrito
It’s not hard to tell this place is the brainchild
of a surfer dude who’s taken his appetite for
tacos to another level. It’s not just about the
food – which is hot, from the freshly battered
and stuffed Jalapeno chilli poppers and vege
versions of everything to the freshly cooked
corn chips in the nachos – it’s a place with a
holiday state-of-mind, full of colour, casual,
relaxed, fun and festive. Go with a group and
have your own fiesta.
100 Boundary Street, West End and Shop
2/350 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley.
Open 11am-10pm seven days.
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