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what’s on
Gold Coast screen fest
Wes Anderson’s
The Grand Budapest Hotel
will launch the Gold Coast Film Festival, a
showcase of works including foreign language
films, horror, sci-fi, Japanese anime, comedy,
drama and locally-produced indies. Seminars,
workshops and Q&A sessions also on the
program. At venues across the coast. From 3
to 13 April. See
Banff festival world tour
If you find it hard to imagine life in the snow or at
high altitude while soaking up the sun at sea level,
Banff Mountain Film Festival
will provide an
insight to how the other half lives with award-
winning films on mountain sport, environment,
culture, exploration and adventure. From 8 to 12
April at Brisbane Powerhouse, New Farm.
Tickets $33 at
UR[BNE] Festival
Queen’s Wharf (below William street, along
the river) in the city will become a bustling
waterfront playground for three days of
art installations, creative lighting, markets,
dancing groups, skating competitions, casual
bike rides, pop up food and bars, local bands
performing live and more. From 28 to 30
March. See
The kinky lives of insects and fish
Isabella Rossellini has swapped life as a glamorous actor and model
for messing with the sex lives of fish and insects
he enigmatic screen beauty with a
quirky edge is perhaps best known for
her roles in David Lynch’s
Blue Velvet
Wild at Heart
and guest turns in popular
TV series such as
30 Rock
. The daughter of
director Roberto Rossellini and actor Ingrid
Bergman also was most visibly the face of
Lancôme for more than a decade and she
appeared on the cover of Italian
at the
age of 60 as the face of the magazine’s global
health initiative to encourage a healthier
approach to body image.
But that world is not a big part of
Rossellini‘s life now…and who knew
that the roles she was really born to
play were animals and bugs: a sinister
praying mantis, a voracious bed bug, a
kinky dolphin?
Rossellini was in her mid-50s when
she unveiled a bizarre, provocative and
often hilarious set of short films called
Green Porno
. They are a scientific, X-rated
look at the sexual proclivities of various
creatures, told with a homespun, PG-13
aesthetic of handcrafted costumes and origami
backgrounds. Rossellini wrote the scripts,
performed and directed the action and she
won awards, including a Webby – an Oscar of
the online world.
Rossellini is bringing the stage adaptation of
those films to Brisbane in her performance of
Green Porno
for one night only at the Concert
Hall at QPAC. It’s a fascinating and comic
insight to the mating habits and sex lives
of insects, animals and sea life as Rossellini
dresses up as creatures – from worms, flies,
spiders and a bi-phallic snake to shrimp and
anchovies. But while her approach is playful
and offbeat the stories are based on scientific
facts. Accuracy is important to Rossellini who
has studied biology and animal behaviour
at university and she has become quite an
environmental activist – her latest films have
taken up the cause of dwindling bees and the
impact that will have on the planet.
“I’d like this to become my principal
activity: to make films about animals,” she
says. “At 60 you don’t get many big roles – you
have supporting roles most of the time – so
there is time to evolve and do other things.
That’s how my films came about. I had more
time, so I thought: ‘OK, I’ll go back to school;
I’ll study what I’m interested in.’ So I’d like
to follow what has been my hobby.”
Rossellini lives on a farm in Long
Island, outside New York City, where
she is surrounded by a menagerie of
creatures. She keeps chickens and has
a couple of pigs, and trains labradors
and golden retrievers from birth for
the Guide Dog Foundation. She is
also a member of the local farming co-
operative and is responsible for tending
the beehives.
“If you learn about nature you become
fascinated by it and it’s natural you want
to protect it. If you know [the insects and
animals] do suffer, they do disappear, they do
get killed, you start to take a responsibility.”
Isabella Rossellini performs
Green Porno
the Concert Hall, QPAC, 24 March. Bookings
at qtix on 136 246 or see
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