Brisbane Airport BNE Issue 3 - page 34

Day in the Life
Niel Young
How long in the job?
Two years
What do you do?
I am one of a team that cleans
an area of more than 12 hectares
inside both the Domestic and
International Terminals
What hours do you work?
From 6am to 2pm.
What’s to like?
I like it best when
it’s busy – at the International
Terminal that’s early in the
morning until about 10am.
Travellers will often ask me
questions like where is their
departure gate or if it’s not so busy
they might ask me about where
I’m from and about my country.
Dream destination?
because my younger sister is in
Vancouver and I am interested in
the environment so I’d love to see
the countryside there.
Kerbside Officer
What do you do?
About 100,000
vehicles come to the airport per day
and about 46,000 passengers pass
through both terminals. I’m here to
help keep that flowing as smoothly
as possible. I help people with their
questions and any problems, from
‘what’s the fastest or cheapest way to
the city?’ to dogs jumping out of car
windows. Once, I helped a woman
find her car in the car park and I’ve
helped people who’ve had a heart
attack or a seizure on the footpath.
What hours do you work?
I work
12-hour shifts, four days on and
four days off.
What’s to like?
There’s never one
day the same as another. It’s better
than any soapie I’ve ever watched.
Dream desitnation?
There’s no
place like home. I’m born and bred
in Wynnum.
Airside Operations and Training Officer
What do you do?
We monitor all airside operations for safety in an area
within a 15-nautical mile radius of the airport. That includes looking out for
anything from fuel spills to local wildflife. We also supervise livestock transfers
such as lions that might be going to Dreamworld or penguins to Sea World.
Distance travelled in a year on the job?
One vehicle can do 180,000km in
a year and we have seven in the fleet.
What hours do you work?
It’s a 24/7 operation in 12-hour shifts.
Any training required?
To succeed you need to have a strong safety focus
and good teamwork. I was previously in security at the Domestic Terminal.
Dream destination?
Canada. I like the outdoors and have a sense of
adventure – I’d like to do the trip from Vancouver to the Ukon.
Dog Handler
What do you do?
Screen international
passengers and international mail
for anything that poses a biosecurity
risk, such as fresh plants, seeds, fresh
fruit and vegetables, meat and eggs.
(Customs dogs screen for narcotics).
How long in the job?
Three and
a half years as a dog handler; seven
years with Quarantine. Yoomee has
been on the job for about a year after
a two-month training period and her
training continues on the job.
Peak age for a dog in service?
Between 5 and 9.
How many bags screened a day?
We screen between 500 and 2000
passengers a day.
What hours do you work?
I can start as early as 3.30am or finish
as late as 1am in a 10-hour shift.
Dream destination?
Mexico and Central America for the
culture, food and beaches.
On the ground at Brisbane Airport
Gurpeet “Pretty” Kaur
Tara Austin & yoomee
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