Brisbane Airport BNE Issue 3 - page 35

Peter Griffiths
Duty Terminal Manager, International Terminal
What do you do?
We are the co-ordinating managers for most functions
in the terminal and that includes planning the use of the terminal, from the
check-in counters and use of baggage carousels to the allocation of parking
bays for aircraft.
Are there parking limits for planes?
60 to 90 minutes depending on the
size of the aircraft and whether it is arriving or doing a complete turnaround.
How many planes land and take off in a day?
More than 600.
Do you have a favourite plane?
The 747 is a beautiful plane to look at even
though it’s more than 40 years old, it’s still the most elegant.
Dream destination?
I’ve travelled everywhere but if I was told it was my last
trip I would go back to Europe and the UK.
Australian Way retail assistant.
We specialise in Australian souvenirs
What are your best sellers?
Koala plush toys, chocolate
macadamia nuts and t-shirts.
Frequent shoppers?
I do recognise some people who
come back. For example, there’s a
family from China that comes every
summer to go to the theme parks
on the Gold Coast, and a lady from
the US came to the shop a couple
of times within a few months when
she was travelling for work.
Any big spenders?
A customer once spent more than
$500 in one go.
What do you always buy at an
Coffee. I look for the
busiest coffee shop and go there as
it’s a good sign the coffee is good.
Dream destination?
I’ve travelled
quite a lot but the next place I’d like
to visit would be Japan.
Leading Aviation Firefighter
What do you do?
We respond
to incidents at the airport within
seconds. We also can do boat
rescues and we get called to a lot of
first aid incidents.
Best thing about the truck?
can do 0-80km/h in 29secs which
is very fast and very powerful for 30
tonnes of truck. It’s all push button
technology and it drives like a car.
Why become a firefighter?
I was in grade 2 at school I went to
the Ipswich Fire Station open day
and they let me crawl around inside
the big red trucks and look at all the
gear. I went home and told mum
and dad I wanted to be a fireman.
All through school that’s what I
wanted to do and now I’m living
the dream I had when I was 6.
Dream destination?
The US for
its amazing landscape. I’d like to go
across the country coast to coast.
Baggage Services Supervisor
What do you do?
We handle any
issues with incoming passenger
baggage at the International Terminal
including mishandled or damaged
bags and missing bags – we will find
it wherever it is in the world and get
it delivered to the passenger.
What hours do you work?
In shifts
from 5.30am to 2am.
Occupational hazard?
forget to pick up a bag or take the
wrong bag every day.
What often gets left behind?
Car baby seats, strollers and wallets
on a daily basis.
Excess baggage?
I’ve seen a small
boat and kayaks.
Item you never forget to pack?
My toiletries kit, but also I’d never
forget to label my luggage.
Dream destination?
The Seychelles.
I’ve only seen pictures but it’s one of
the prettiest places I’ve ever seen.
More than 20,000 people work at Brisbane Airport and here we introduce you
to just a few of them, snapped by photographer
Marc Grimwade
in a single day.
Ajith Bhaskar
Anne Kunachaikul
Paul Barling
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