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Last Word
Image: Marc Grimwade
Local knowledge
Where are you from?
I am born and bred in Brisbane and live in
New Farm.
Where do you always take visitors when
they come to Brisbane?
GOMA (for the exhibitions), the Queensland
State Library and Translational Research
Institute (TRI) (for the architecture), James
Street (for shopping), our house (for a party).
What’s your favourite building in Brisbane?
The Old Museum (on the corner of Gregory
Terrace and Bowen Bridge Road) near
Brisbane showgrounds. I have fond memories
of this building from childhood – the scale of
the dinosaurs at the entry, the timber drawers
of taxidermy and collectables.
What’s a building in Brisbane a visitor
shouldn’t miss?
There are many amazing houses in Brisbane
which can be difficult to access but absolutely
worth it if you have the opportunity (for
example,the ‘C’ house at Coorparoo, designed
by Donovan Hill). We recently took a visiting
French architect to the Translational Research
Institute (TRI) at Dutton Park which is
spectacular and worth arranging a tour.
What’s your hot tip for visitors?
Book ahead for tennis at the New Farm Park
courts then wander down to Bar Alto at
Brisbane Powerhouse for a drink on the river.
What’s a favourite thing to
do on the weekend?
Away from the city, it’s Burleigh Beach for
lunch at Fish House restaurant.
Favourite place for coffee?
Jamie’s Espresso Bar, a hole-in-the-wall coffee
stop on the corner of James and Robertson
Streets in the Valley, for the service.
Favourite meal out?
Beccofino (corner of Vernon Terrace and
Florence Street, Teneriffe) – for simple Italian
and the fabulous staff.
Favourite bar?
Survey Co (a laneway restaurant and bar in
Brisbane’s CBD) – for the ambience, food and
staff – the trifecta!
As one of the
architects working on
Brisbane Airport’s new
International Terminal
Development Ingrid
Richards is helping
to shape the
face of this city
Ingrid Richards
Richards and Spence
Best place to shop in Brisbane?
Go straight to the James Street precinct,
Fortitude Valley, for a retail fix where you’ll
find Easton Pearson, Camargue, Maryon’s
Shoes, Gail Sorronda and Blonde Venus.
Where do you feel most inspired?
The Museum of Brisbane has relocated to the
recently renovated Brisbane City Hall. The
opening event was full of Brisbane people
of all ages who are doing their own thing to
contribute to the culture of the city. That was
an inspiring room to be in.
If you could change something about
Brisbane what would it be?
Daylight saving!!! A metro system is a long
term investment for the ongoing viability of
a pedestrian city. An inner city and suburbs
loop (West End/ New Farm/ Paddington)
would be a good way to start.
If you were Lord Mayor of Brisbane
what would you do?
Instigate a street planting regime and
encourage more rooftop gardens to make
Brisbane Australia’s greenest city and help
combat rising land temperatures.
How do you like to travel around Brisbane
and do you have a favourite journey?
We have recently bought bicycles and look
forward to riding to work (in Spring Hill) in
the cooler months.
Why is Brisbane the best place to
live right now?
There is a feeling of optimism in Brisbane
which means opportunities to make
buildings and contribute to the future built
environment of the city.
What building would you travel
overseas to see?
We travel regularly to visit buildings, but
we have not yet seen the buildings by the
American architect Louis Kahn. His buildings
are monumental in scale and rigorously
unstylish giving them the timeless quality of
a ruin.
Richards and Spence are collaborating with
Arkhefield and Brisbane Airport Corporation on
the new International Terminal Development
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