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Brisbane Airport News
tretching out on the lawn or putting
your feet up on a Spotted Gum
sunlounge sounds more like the sort
of thing you’d do in the backyard than at
the airport but that’s exactly what visitors
to Brisbane’s International Terminal will be
able to do by mid-2015. Work already has
begun on a $45 million redevelopment of the
terminal that Brisbane Airport Corporation
(BAC) CEO Julieanne Alroe says will not be
just another airport upgrade.
“Most airport terminals are alike, no
matter where you are in the world. When
you visit them you don’t often get a sense of
where you are – a real sense of place about the
local culture or the spirit of the city – but at
Brisbane Airport we are going to change that.
We are going to take what we love about this
city and the state and create a place that visitors
will remember.”
To make sure its plan would be world class,
BAC enlisted international creative Tyler Brûlé,
to work with local architect firms Richards and
Spence and Arkhefield.
The globetrotting Brûlé is editor of
magazine and head of the branding agency
Winkcreative which boasts a client list that
includes British Airways, Swiss International Air
Lines, Taiwan Tourism, TAG Heuer and Nokia.
He travels about 250 days a year and knows a
good airport when he sees one.
BAC called in Brûlé to cast an objective eye
over Brisbane Airport and, in collaboration
with architects Ingrid Richards, Adrian Spence
Light and breezy
does it
‘Breeze’ is a modern
armchair on a stainless
steel frame, with teak
inlay armrests and
cushioned comfort.
Bench seating, too,
will help frame seating
areas as conversation
zones for travellers
Fun shapes reflect
outdoor theme
The ‘Mega Drum’ is a
style of coffee table
that reinforces the
relaxed outdoor theme
of the Departures Hall,
designed with a variety
of spaces to allow
passengers to rest,
relax, eat or work
New Look for International Terminal
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