Brisbane Airport BNE Issue 3 - page 9

(Richards and Spence), Adrian Gutteridge
and interior designer Angela Layton
(Arkhefield) over 18 months, the result is a
blueprint that aims to recreate the blending
of indoor/outdoor space that is inherent to
Queensland living. For example, the Departure
Hall at the International Terminal will be
transformed to reflect the outdoors with a
central green, already dubbed “The Park”,
carpeted with artificial turf and fringed with
subtropical plantings and water features to
create private sanctuaries.
Furniture and finishes will be a mix of
natural materials from the Spotted Gum stools,
bench seats, sunlounges and coffee tables, to
contemporary renditions of cane-like woven
chairs in steel, chrome and aluminium and
teak-trimmed armchairs. Brisbane Tuff and
sandstone, commonly seen in many historical
sites around the city, will continue the outdoor
theme in tiled floors and even carpets in
relaxation areas will be custom-designed to
look like dappled light.
Julieanne Alroe says BAC also will increase
its collection of public art in both terminals
and within the Skygate precinct as part of
the redevelopment and Queensland artists
Sally Gabori and Sebastian Moody have been
commissioned to provide works for the project.
“No other country understands that
blending of the indoors and outdoors that is
essentially Queensland and that’s why people
come here. They want to feel that ‘I’m no
longer in Singapore’ or ‘I’m no longer in
Narita’. Here, we’ve tried to create a real sense
of arrival, that ‘I’m in Brisbane’,” says Brûlé.
Work will be done in stages so there will be
no disruption to everyday operations.
Natural materials
keep mood casual
Spotted Gum has been
fashioned into stools
versatile enough to
be used as seating
or side tables by
passengers chilling
out in the Departures
Hall of the redesigned
International Terminal
Rest, relax, enjoy,
the mantra of design
The ‘Volley’ chair,
designed with a
durable black mesh
seat and frame in
grey powder-coated
zinc, is one of several
styles of casual seating
that gives the space a
contemporary look
Plantings add to the
casual informality
Planting of subtropical
species which are
commonly found
in Brisbane and
Queensland, such as
Phildendron (left),
is key to creating an
outdoor atmosphere
with a natural softness
Flexible furnishings
for ease of use
Coffee tables are
custom-designed in
Spotted Gum on a
black powder-coated
frame and reflect the
easy style often seen in
Brisbane’s cafés. They
can be moved to suit
visitor groups
A vision for the new-look Departure
Hall at the International Terminal at
Brisbane Airport
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