Brisbane Airport BNE Issue 4 - page 15

Damien Anthony Rossi, media columnist
As the social columnist for
The Sunday Mail
enertainment reporter for 4BC and
Great South East
there’s not much happening in Brisbane that Rossi doesn’t
know about – and he’s a regular at red carpet events,
attending up to 20 a month. He also hosts many events
and his annual Oscars party is one of the hottest tickets in
town. Over the last 10 years the event has raised at least
$250,000 for charity. Of course, all this requires a decent
wardrobe and Rossi confesses that one of his favourite
pieces is a gold jacket (by Paddington-based designer
Katelyn Aslett) which he has worn to both his own
Oscars party and the Logie Awards. While he
has statement jackets to wear to race days and special
events which are “conversation starters” and almost
certain to get photographers’ attention, Rossi favours a
more conservative style for day-to-day dressing.
Damien Anthony Rossi wears linen jacket, cotton shirt,
pants, pocket square and shoes all fromWil Valor
BNE August/September 2014
Andrew Byrne, designer Pistols at Dawn and owner,
The Cloakroom
Travel inspired Byrne to create his fashion collection Pistols
at Dawn with business partner Louis Ialenti (who was
travelling overseas at the time of our shoot). “English men
have perfected the suit but the Italians have twisted that to
mix it up a little. That’s how we approach our collections,
with a little less care,” says Byrne. For example, his version
of a suit is to wear it in a way that is more casual, perhaps
dressing up a pair of jeans with a lightweight jacket and
paying attention to the details, from the pocket square to
the shoes. Now, with their collection and the shopfronts
that have followed, The Cloakroom in the CBD and Pistols
at Dawn in Fortitude Valley, Byrne and Ialenti strive to help
others find a version of fashion that is a natural extension of
their own personality. “Fashion is not a costume,” says the
softly spoken Byrne who says he personally avoids anything
“too loud”.
Andrew Byrne wears jeans from Initial Denim,
lightweight flannel jacket, shirt, Barton Perreira
sunglasses and Spanish Carmina shoes from
The Cloakroom
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