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Lindsay Bennett, director, Mercedes-Benz
Fashion Festival Brisbane
As the director of his own marketing and events company
Bennett is most likely to be seen wearing a suit and – as
his experience in events has taught him – the details
count. For Bennett that means cufflinks, a Breitling watch
and good shoes to complement the sharp cut of a suit.
“You can tell a man’s style by the way they accessorise,”
says Bennett who supports local designers including
Pistols at Dawn, Urbbana (who both will be participating
in a group show as part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival
on 28 August at Brisbane City Hall), Wil Valor and Mitch
Ogilvie. Bennett acknowledges there has been a shift to a
more relaxed style in menswear in recent times
but maintains there will always be a place for
custom-designed suiting.
Lindsay Bennett wears Pistols at Dawn
suit, Wil Valor shirt, Gucci tie,
Herringbone belt, Breitling watch,
and Aquila shoes
Sam Abi, designer,
When you meet Sam Abi
it’s hard not to look at his feet
first as his collection of shoes are
works of art. His flair for prints
and colours is unique and his range
at Urbbana is extensive – up to 55 styles
per season. But if it hadn’t been for the
GFC and losing his job in fashion retail he
may never have had the impetus to start his own
brand. Since opening his shop at Portside Wharf,
Hamilton, with a range of Italian cotton and linen
shirts and smart blazers Abi hasn’t looked back. Now he
travels to Italy and Turkey several weeks a year to visit his
suppliers and his range includes knitwear, suits, denim and
accessories – including the eye-popping shoes. The
collections at Urbbana are a reflection of Abi’s
own sense of style – eclectic pairings of prints
and textures, casual pieces that mix and
match for easy living and finely crafted
suits worthy of any red carpet.
Sam Abi wears German corduroy
jacket, denim jeans, cotton shirt,
silk pocket square and shoes
from Urbbana
| BNE August/September 2014
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