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The Inspiration
It’s hard to say exactly who we can thank for
making facial hair sexy and the growing trend in
beards. Did it start with David Beckham? Was
it Hugh Jackman’s wild Wolverine look that got
trimmed down for the red carpet, or was it the
absolute avalanche of stars from Ryan Gosling to
Chris Hemsworth who have flaunted their facial
hair on the red carpet that has made it okay
for the average bloke to come out and wear his
beard with pride. Actually, women have had a lot
to do with enabling the trend apparently. More
women, it seems, are becoming open to the
idea of their partners sporting more than
a weekend stubble, helped by a better
range of care products and better
informed men who keep their beards
soft and tidy. A university study
published last year reported that
women judged men with heavy
stubble to be most attractive,
while men with full beards
rated best for masculinity,
parenting ability and
The Tips
Here’s what the barbers say about growing and
keeping sexy facial hair.
1. Stick it out! The hardest thing in growing a
beard is waiting for it to actually grow and
many will give up. See products below to find
out how to get over the itchy skin syndrome.
If you’re aiming for a beard it won’t look good
until it’s grown to maturity – that could take
six weeks or more with regular trimming.
2. Start with a clean shave to allow an even
growth. It’s easier if you start neat and tidy.
3. Don’t trim it yourself. If you cut a chunk out
you will have to start again.
4. Even a beard looks best neat and tidy. Clean
neck hair, have edges trimmed to give it
5. Only Brad Pitt can get away with beads in
his beard. Keep yours simple.
6. Do use a beard oil (again, see products)
to moisturise skin, soften hair and stop
‘beardruff’ on your collar and, as your beard
gets longer, a balm to lock in moisture and
for added style control. And, for anything
more than stubble, you’ll need a comb.
The Products
If there’s one product a bearded chap needs its
beard oil and the one that gets a unanimous
vote as the best in Brisbane is, in fact, called The
Bearded Chap made by local entrepreneur Luke
Swenson. Swenson is a bearded chap himself
and knows the biggest problem facing men with
beards is itchy skin and ‘beardruff’. It was when
Swenson tried to find a good product himself
that he saw a gap in the market and created
one himself. His brand The Bearded Chap has
grown in the last year to include a moustache
wax and beard balm. His starter kit is all you
need to keep facial hair well groomed between
barber visits, RRP $80 from selected barbers or
online at
The Barbers
Emporium Barber.
Owner Trent Pridmore
has a beard (and so do a few of his staff) so he
knows what other men might go through. Beard
trims are now one of the most requested services
on their menu. The signature ‘Emporium
Experience’ includes a standard haircut, shave
and ‘face freshen up’ (don’t call it a facial)
which includes hot towels, face scrub, mask
and moisturiser. Their selection of boutique
fragrances is also popular. Open seven days at
Emporium, 1000 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley.
For appointments call 0478 500 055.
Jimmy Rod’s.
It’s walk-in only (no
appointments) at any of the seven Jimmy Rod’s
barber shops which offer a menu of services
with traditional values, from the cut-throat
shave to beard trims, just sides (a ‘fast fix’) and
full restyles. The 12-step deluxe treatment is a
specialty at The Barracks, Paddington. Open
Monday to Saturday (city shops closed Saturday)
for store locations.
The Culture Kings.
The place to go where hip
hop beats are spinning in the background and
racks of streetwear surround the barber chairs.
Award-winning rappers have been seen in store
when they are touring Down Under. Hair
cuts, styling and shaves available. Open seven
days. At 115 Queen Street Mall, Brisbane. No
appointments. Call (07) 3211 4838.
Bare Bones.
According to co-owner Steve
Purcell almost half the customers coming in
to Bare Bones Barbershop at Morningside are
having a beard trim. The trend in beards he’s
seeing is ‘the bigger the better’ inspired by British
model Ricki Hall who’s attracted a popular
following on instagram. But that hasn’t stopped
some guys still asking for the ‘Gos’, yes, that
would be a look named after Ryan Gosling
). Open Tuesday to Friday 9am to 5pm,
Saturday 8am to 4pm. No appointments. At
602 Wynnum Road, Morningside. Call
(07) 3899 6995.
Facial hair is sexy again but not all beards
are attractive to women, say the barbers
BNE August/September
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