Brisbane Airport BNE Issue 4 - page 19

“My heart was pumping, not
not knowing when or where
they might surface”
BNE August/September 2014
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Why would you
do anything else?
Week Special
Arrive like a star!
water is a bit choppy then it can be challenging.
Frankly, I couldn’t even think about eating until
we were on our way back to the marina late in
the afternoon, the whales were so captivating.
Back home the next day it was a pristine day
of sunshine and blue sky and, as I sat in the
backyard with the paper, I couldn’t help but
daydream about being on the water again and
what a magical day it would have been…
I can see how Kerry Lopez hasn’t lost her
passion for whale watching even after 18 years
of skippering tours aboard the MV
Eye Spy
Redcliffe local Captain Kerry had the luxury
catamaran built to her specifications and
launched her tours from the Redcliffe Peninsula.
In contrast to the
eau de vie
, the multi-million
dollar MV
Eye Spy
carries an average 200 people
per cruise and it’s five-star facilities throughout,
with wide walk decks and floor to ceiling
windows for indoor viewing from the air-
conditioned passenger cabin. It’s also child and
wheelchair friendly.
Another Redcliffe business, Preeces Café,
caters for morning and afternoon tea and a
buffet lunch of fresh local produce, including
prawns, cold meats, salads and fresh fruit kebabs.
Sometimes the MV
Eye Spy
calls in help from
its ‘Sky Spy’ a small Piper plane which spots
whales from the air and provides the location to
minimise transit time to the sighting ground.
However, at this time of year you can also see
whales without even leaving land. At the Look
Café at Point Lookout on North Stradbroke
Island it can be hard to have a conversation over
breakfast without companions whooping with
delight every time they see a passing whale far
out to sea. Another tip: be first to bags the seat
facing the ocean!
Across the road Jennie Truman keeps count
from her window and records her tally on a
blackboard outside her store, The Green Room.
magazine called early in the season
Jennie’s count was close to 700 but by the
time our magazine went to print it had risen
to well over 2000.
There are many ways to enjoy whale watching
– just as there are many spots to watch along the
east coast – but there’s only one that makes me
long to be back at sea before they all go home for
another year.
More information about the
eau de vie
; MV
Eye Spy
and North Stradbroke Island at
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