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Kitchen confidential
Why and how did you become a chef?
My mother had cafés and coffee shops in
London and I grew up around the famous
Petticoat Lane in London with all the food stalls
and the market atmosphere and all that fabulous
fresh produce – I loved it. Both my grandmother
and mother were excellent cooks but I was the
first chef in my family. I did my apprenticeship
at the famous Stafford Hotel in London – voted
the world’s best on a couple of occasions. It was
a very classic and traditional training and I have
carried that on in training our apprentice chefs
here at BCEC.
What’s the largest event you have catered for?
Dinner for 20,000 when I was working at the
former Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre.
What has been your greatest challenge in
the BCEC kitchen?
The evolvement of our cuisine. Convention
Centre cuisine in Australia is among the best in
the world. At BCEC we have redefined catering
– we now offer restaurant quality, presentation
and style – what we do for 50 people we can do
for 5000. There is nothing we cannot recreate
for catering purposes.
Who is a chef you admire and why?
My former executive chef at the Stafford Hotel
in London. He was a master chef from Spain,
Armando Rodriguez. He was my mentor and
taught me everything I am today. He recently
passed away and left me his lifetime collection
of recipes going back to the 1950s – what
a privilege and honour. Classic recipes –
15-course menus – they represent the history of
London cuisine.
What is the wisest thing anyone has ever
said to you about working in a kitchen?
The kitchen is a good place to learn about life,
about people, about different cultures and skills.
It is skills for life!
Have you met any of the celebrities you
have cooked for?
I have met Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth,
Princess Margaret, Princess Anne, Prince
Charles, Sarah the Duchess of York, Margaret
Thatcher and a number of Prime Ministers and
leaders and other celebrities.
What’s the nicest compliment any of them
has given you?
The Queen once personally asked me for a
recipe for a dish I served her to give to the chefs
at Buckingham Palace so they could recreate it. I
was pretty happy about that!
In a year where you will have cooked for
Kate and Wills (and lunch for 200) and for
the G20 delegates (in the thousands), what’s
to look forward to after that?
After 29 years in the kitchen, transferring
my knowledge and experience to the next
generation of chefs is what I look forward to,
that is the future.
In a life of cooking for the famous and
powerful, what stands out as a most
memorable experience for you, and why?
I guess because I grew up in the UK, it would be
cooking for the Queen, she is a down to earth,
wonderful human being, who would often come
down to the kitchens after a dinner to thank the
chefs and kitchen team personally.
Executive chef,
Brisbane Convention
and Exhibition Centre
Martin Latter has cooked
for the Queen, movie
stars and rock gods, so he
won’t even crack a sweat
catering for the world
leaders during G20
BNE August/September 2014 |
Boutique Spicers Balfour Hotel in New
Farm will share the skills of its top chefs
from each of the Spicers regional retreats
in a special program of ‘Chefs in the City’
dinners. Doug Innes-Will from The Peak
at Spicers Peak Lodge in the Scenic Rim
will showcase his minimalist style on 4
September while Mark Stapleton from
Botanica at Spicers Vineyard Estate will
pair his vibrant flavours with the Estate’s
local Hunter Valley wines on 2 October,
Daniel Jarrett from Spicers Tamarind
Retreat at Maleny in the Sunshine Coast
hinterland will present a menu of Asian
flavours on 6 November and Ryan
Whordley from Spicers Canopy, the
glamping and tramping safari-style retreat
also in the Scenic Rim, will provide a
fusion of city/country fare on 4 December.
Cost per event $75 per person, dinner
only; $130 per person with matched wines.
Bookings call 1300 112 691
Doug Innes-Will, The Peak
Mark Stapleton, Botanica
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