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BNE August/September 2014
ulia Stone is thrilled at the prospect of introducing fans to the newest
chapter in Angus and Julia Stone’s history. Off the back of a six-
month-long recording stint in the US, the newly reacquainted sibling
singer-songwriters will perform together again at The Tivoli, Fortitude
Valley, in September with a brand-new repertoire which might surprise
seasoned fans. (Listen to the singles ‘Heart Beats Slow’and ‘Death Defying
Acts’ at
The road which led to the pair’s return as a double act is one Julia says
was paved with trepidation and excitement – particularly since it was
a route they never imagined travelling twice. “We had no intention of
getting back together,” says Julia. “At all.”
There’s humour in her voice, as though she’s still in disbelief at how
things worked out. “We really felt that we’d done our time together and
it was time for a change, and we both felt really inspired to be apart and
have that space, and it was really fun, actually. Then we got an email
from Rick.”
Rick, of course, is Rick Rubin, famed producer, founder of Def Jam
Records, American Records, and former co-president of Columbia
Records. He’s a man of many talents (over more than 30 years in music
he’s worked with artists from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Black
The Stones are back
Alice Bopf
talks to Julia Stone about reuniting
with her brother Angus for a new album and a national tour
“There are no bells and whistles,
we’re just a lot more confident
performers...we had to raise the bar”
Sabbath to Johnny Cash, Kanye West and Lady Gaga on
), though
he’s a noted savant when it comes to hip-hop and hard rock production.
So he’s not the obvious first choice when listing candidates to produce
an album from these folksy songwriters, but the industry heavyweight’s
unsolicited email was the catalyst which reunited the pair on both musical
and personal fronts.
“It took a long time for us to come around to the thought,” says Julia.
“I mean, Rick is such a legend, he’s made so many records that we love,
so he was probably one of the few people who could have made us even
consider it.
“Angus and I saw this as an opportunity to make the record we never
made but always wanted to,” Julia says. “[Rick] wanted to give our sound a
bit more groove. His way of doing that was choosing a rhythm section that
was predominantly hip-hop.”
The result is the self-titled
Angus & Julia Stone
, out now. “There are no
bells or whistles, we’re just a lot more confident performers … we had to
raise the bar,” Julia says. Since the collaboration, Rubin has high praise for
the pair. “Angus and Julia are authentic and pure people who do things
from the heart. I’ve never worked with anyone like them before,” he says.
Audiences are in for a bonus treat with Vancouver Sleep Clinic the
support act on tour – Carindale teenager Tim Bettinson
Sleep Clinic and the Stones’ ‘Big Jet Plane’ was the first song he learned on
guitar. More recently following in their footsteps, Bettinson has also been
in the US recording his first album ahead of the tour … stay tuned.
At The Tivoli, 52 Costin Street, Fortitude Valley, 18 and 19 September
2014. See
Reprinted with permission from Music Feeds
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