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The Lady behind the mask
BNE August/September 2014
ith her wigs and outlandish
ensembles, Lady Gaga is the titan
of theatricality. But peel away the
layers, she says, and you see the real her, the
painstakingly focused and meticulous musician
and songwriter who spent two years crafting her
latest album,
. Every note, every word
on the release comes from her heart, she
says, which fans will be able to experience
live when the lady brings her Artrave Artpop
Ball tour to the Brisbane Entertainment
Centre on 26 August.
“There’s a lot of pressure for me to
deliver,” she says. “I’m not manufactured.
I take it very seriously. I have to live and die
by my own work.”
If something doesn’t pan out, says Gaga (real
name: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, 28),
she takes full responsibility and doesn’t allow
anyone to dictate what she says or sings. Saying
she’s put off by sycophants, Gaga surrounds
herself with people who tell her the truth.
“I’m at the age where you see blonde hair and
breasts and a butt and hear me singing about sex
or fighting for gay rights, people start to roll their
eyes. But no matter what happens, I’m prepared
to go down with the ship,” she says.
In fact, the more people push her, the more
she rebels in the opposite direction.
“I don’t really like to let anyone drive what
it is that I’m supposed to say. I know it’s always
driven by money or fear or vanity or ego. When
I’m creating I don’t think about those things.
You either like it or you don’t,” she says.
has been billed as not just an album
but a ‘project’, “the point [of
] is that
art and pop can have an exchange,” says Gaga
who collaborated with contemporary ‘pop’
artist Jeff Koons on the album’s cover design.
When it was released in November last year
became Gaga’s second consecutive
number-one record in the US, topped
national record charts in seven more countries
(including number-one dance album in
Australia), and charted within the top 10 in
more than 20 others (peaking at number-
two in Australia). It sold 2.3 million copies
worldwide in 2013.
In person, Gaga is more diminutive than
expected, given her larger-than-life costumes.
She’s polite, eloquent and very much in control
“There’s a lot of pressure
for me to deliver. I take
it very seriously...”
of every aspect of her life, deciding what
she wears to every public outing and how
she conducts interviews and photo shoots.
Surprisingly, she doesn’t take herself too
seriously, rolling her eyes and making a face
when given a compliment on her ensemble.
As for why she’s wearing rather sedate tan
pumps? “Well, you know, after you break your
hip ...” she explains, referring to her injury
and subsequent surgery that sidelined her for
several months last year. “Heels are not a good
idea all the time.”
Gaga says she lives a regular life with her
33-year-old boyfriend, actor Taylor Kinney
and she splits her time between Manhattan
and Chicago, where he shoots
Chicago Fire
(Tabloids have been buzzing lately with
speculation an engagement may be imminent
after Gaga was spotted browsing some
Lady Gaga may be outrageous on stage but
Donna Freydkin
discovers another side to the mega popstar
Text reprinted with permission from Image: Courtesy Universal Music
wedding “looking” dresses while shopping in
Toronto on the Canada leg of her tour.)
“I live in a very modest apartment. I live a
very creative lifestyle,” she says. That lifestyle
might not be what you’d expect. On a typical
night, “I sit at home and geek out over art and
science. I work all the time. I love working.”
In other media interviews she has said: “I
am a real family girl. When it comes to love
and loyalty, I am very old-fashioned. And I
am quite down-to-earth for such an eccentric
person. I’m quite traditional in the family
sense. I’ve always been that way ... contrary to
what some people might think about me.”
Lady Gaga’s Artrave: The Artpop Ball tour,
Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Boondall,
26 August 2014. Tickets available online at
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