Brisbane Airport BNE Issue 5 - page 20

BNE October/November 2014
Belgrove, like Nant
and other distilleries,
is putting Tasmania on
the map for its whiskey
production and it’s ‘golf
driving’ distance from
Ratho Farm, offering a
rewarding drop after a
round of highland golf
This page, top: Peter Bignell, far left, with
visitors in his rye field at Belgrove Distillery. Left:
Coffee at Maldini’s in the historic Salamanca
precinct, Hobart. Opposite page, top: Australian
Golf Museum, Bothwell. Centre: Ratho Farm
Homestead. Box, clockwise from top: Cascade
Brewery, Hobart; Richmond Bridge; the view from
the peak of Mount Wellington.
Images: Maldini’s (left) by Glenn Gibson, (opposite page) Mount
Wellington Lookout by Paul Fleming; Cascade Brewery by Michael
Roberts, for Tourism Tasmania; Ratho Farm Homestead by Greg Ramsay
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