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What’s different about the drinks at
Red Hook?
Red Hook is the very antithesis of the trend in
other cocktail bars at the moment. There are
lots of very cool things going on with new styles
and new flavours being created with ingredients
you never would have used in a cocktail in the
past, but Red Hook is like your first cocktail
bar: super easy going, fun, serving up cocktails
that are tasty, affordable and made in one or
two minutes. We’re also looking at adding a
house list on tap.
What are the cocktails of the moment?
The Spiked Cream Soda (
) with vodka,
vanilla syrup, cream soda, vanilla ice cream and
a crown of whipped cream with a glacé cherry
on top; a Mint Julep with whiskey, soda, sugar
and crushed ice, beautifully presented.
What’s your signature cocktail?
Shaky Pete’s Ginger Brew, a ginger beer shandy
made with lemon juice, ginger syrup, beer and
gin; it’s been so wildly popular everywhere I go
I should bottle it! It’s not on the menu at Red
Hook but they’re still serving it in bars from
London to Melbourne and, of course, Public
where I was before Red Hook. But it’s time to
do something different. One of my favourites to
drink is a Bloody Mary because you can order
it in any bar and you always get a different
experience with it.
Bar Manager
Red Hook, city
Shaky Pete’s Ginger
Brew has an international
press portfolio all its
own and Pete Jeary, the
bartender who created it,
has landed at Brisbane’s
newest hole-in-the-wall
city bar, Red Hook
BNE October/November 2014 |
Where do you get your inspiration?
It can come from anything, such as a taste in
food, or the taste of a spirit, it can come from
trends or even to fit names, like a Champagne
Charlie which came from the name of a
Music Hall performer in the 1920s who was
sponsored by Moet & Chandon.
What can’t you live without in the bar?
In terms of gadgets and ingredients you can
always improvise, but you can’t do without
the right personality and banter to make the
customer feel at home. That’s crucial.
What should people try that they don’t?
Gin and tequila. Often people don’t like
gin because they have only ever tried it with
tonic, so it’s really the tonic blend they don’t
like; or they don’t drink tequila because they
remember drinking it as a teenager and getting
blinding hangovers afterwards, but now there
are tequilas that are amazing and taste as good
as brandy. Trying these in a new way could
uncover something fantastic.
What’s a bar you’d recommend outside
Spitalfields Bar downstairs in the Hawksmoor
(Ginger Brew is one of the biggest selling
drinks on their menu), Happiness Forgets and
Casita, all in London.
What would be your last drink?
A massive one!
Red Hook is a New York-style bar and
diner (also serves coffee and takeaway by
day) in Gresham Lane, Shop 3/88 Creek
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