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BNE October/November 2014
aty Perry turns 30 on 25 October and she’s having the time of her
life. In November she will arrive in Brisbane on her Prismatic Tour,
one year after the Prism album debuted at number one upon its
release in Australia, and there isn’t a seat left in the house. Perry promises
untold new “bells and whistles” as part of her “wildly colourful” new show
and that includes a state-of-the-art stage the singer designed herself which
will allow her to perform smack in the middle of the audience.
Prism has been the product of an intense period of reflection for Perry
who says she has picked herself “up off the floor” after the collapse of
her marriage to Russell Brand two years ago and evolved into a far more
optimistic and self-confident woman.
“I’ve learnt a painful lesson that if you put your love and self-worth
into another person’s hands, it can easily be taken away from you. I’ve
experienced that and it’s not much fun,” Perry admits. “I’ve spent a lot of
time working on myself and building up my own self-love before I give my
love away. You need to be self-confident and accepting of your own worth
so that your identity is not dependent on what others say or think about
you.” Here’s what she says about the effect working on her new album had
on her following her marriage breakdown.
Q: Do you feel that you’re where you want to be in life now?
KP: I still have a way to go. I’m becoming stronger and I hope wiser. I feel
like I’m a work in progress and I’ve had to experience some very sad and
depressing times before I was able to fight back and heal myself and get to
a much better place. I had to go through a period of self-reflection in order
to get back my self-confidence which had sunk very low.
Q: Did making Prism help in that process of healing?
My work on Prism was part of my way of pulling myself out of the hole
I felt I was in. It was tough, but I knew that I could pull the songs and
anthemic messages out of me. My music is part of how I escape those
darker moods and whenever I get down in the dumps I can turn to writing
songs to boost my spirits.
Katy Perry sees the light
“I had to stop pointing the finger
and blaming other people
for my sadness”
Q: In ‘Grace of God’ the lyric goes, “Thought I wasn’t enough/
Found I wasn’t so tough/Layin’ on the bathroom floor”. How bad did
things get for you?
I went through this very sad and difficult spell where I was struggling with
very negative thoughts and I should have tried to reach out to my friends
instead of burying it all inside me. We shouldn’t be ashamed of those
terrible dark moments in our lives and we should share those feelings with
friends so we don’t feel so alone with our problems.
Q: What pulled you out of that dark space?
I did meditation and went on long hikes. I started opening up to my
friends but ultimately I think something cosmic was looking over me and
bringing me back to a better place. I also think that it took me to realise
that I had to stop pointing the finger and blaming other people for my
sadness and take responsibility for my own feelings and pain and bring
myself to a more positive place. It was hard, but the journey that it took to
get me where I am now was one I needed to take.
Q: The single ‘Roar’ has been particularly inspirational to many
people. Do you get a lot of satisfaction about inspiring people
through your music?
It’s a joy to make people feel some happiness and feel some release. Our
lives can be difficult and tedious and monotonous and sometimes so
stressful and then a little three-minute 30-second song will start playing on
the radio and make life a little easier.
Q: What kind of message should women draw from Prism and what
you’ve gone through personally?
You should be true to yourself in all situations and know self-love before
any other kind of love. And don’t be afraid of love even if it can be very
fragile and scary. Young women should build up their own character
and live their lives with integrity. Don’t follow any trends. Be your own
woman. You will prevail!
Text: The Interview People
After a painful marriage split Katy Perry has bounced back brighter
than ever on her new world tour, writes
Jan Janssen
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