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BNE October/November 2014 |
Newduty freeopen
When the late David Mandie launched his duty free business he chose
Brisbane Airport as its first site in 1972 and he became universally
recognised as the pioneer of duty free shopping in Australia. Today the
James Richardson Group duty free business that Landie founded is back
where it all began as the new duty free operator at Brisbane Airport,
occupying 1600 square metres in the Departures zone and 800 square
metres in the Arrivals zone of the International Terminal. In December
it will add a dedicated space for a luxury watch boutique. The new JR/
Duty Free retail space is the cornerstone of Brisbane Airport’s $45 million
redevelopment of its International Terminal which is on track to be
completed by July next year.
eGate departures to expand
An automated eGate system that has been trialled at Brisbane Airport’s
International Terminal since July will be rolled out to airports around the
country by the middle of next year. Only passengers holding a special
ePassport will be able to use the eGate kiosk which uses face recognition
technology to match a ‘live’ picture taken of the passenger at the kiosk
with the picture in their passport. If they match, and the passenger meets
other checks, they are cleared to exit. Travellers will be able to apply for
ePassports when their old passport expires or if they are applying for a
new passport.
The system is expected to streamline the border security process and
it is anticipated that 90 per cent of international passengers will need to
be using the system by 2020 if airports are to be able to cope with the
increased number of travellers.
A similar SmartGate system is already being used at capital city
airports as well as key regional centres such as Cairns and Coolangatta
to process international arrivals holding Australian, UK, US, Singapore
or Swiss ePassports. An expanded trial of this system will also begin
next year to include travellers holding ePassports from Canada, Ireland,
Malaysia, Japan, China, India, France.
Join the snaparazzi
Security is going to be tighter than Tony Abbott’s budgie smugglers but that doesn’t mean
you won’t be able to get a picture with the world leaders when the G20 Summit comes to
town. When travelling through Brisbane Airport in November keep your eyes peeled for
the familiar faces of Barack Obama and others (in 2D life-sized, security-free, cardboard
cutout form) at dedicated ‘Selfie Centres’ in the Domestic and International Terminals.
This could be the closest you’ll get to rubbing shoulders with, and capturing a smile
from the world’s most influential leaders during G20 in Brisbane. For details
of this and other activations at the airport in November, including David
Hooper creating art works with chalk on the pavement of the concrete
forecourt of the Domestic Terminal, follow BNE on facebook and
watch the results unfold on Instagram.
Image: The White House/Pete Souza
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