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my friends. She is just a genius. Lily-Rose

is interested in the arts. She is interested in

acting, possibly entertaining and singing

as well. She’s got the goods. She can

certainly deliver.

They are both great talents. I wish I could

shy them away from the entertainment

world because it’s not going to be easy for

them just because of their parents and all the

expectations and focus that will be on them ...

But the kids are going to make the decisions. If

that’s what they want to do, then it’s what they

want to do.

Q: In your own acting career, you’ve

tended to play characters on the margins

of society as well as oddballs. Do you still

feel like an outsider in some ways?

[Laughs] I think I will always feel like an

outsider. It’s the kind of feeling that sticks

with you somehow. I have a good life, I have

wonderful children and people I care about.

But I’ve never thought that I’ve made it no

matter how much success I’ve had as an actor.

For me, my career has been pure luck.

Q: You’ve said in the past that you have

a different connection to music that you

don’t have with films. Can you explain that?

With music, there’s an immediate connection

for me. Feeling emotion through the amplifier

directly to the audience. That’s what I grew up

with. Cinema’s a different animal. You shoot

a film for six months and it could be that it’s

not going to be edited and released for another

year, or more, later. And then, in my case, I

won’t even see [the movie].

Q: Music was very important to you when

you were growing up, wasn’t it?

Music was my way out of my misery when I

was growing up. I just thrived on it and felt

connected to it. I started listening to a lot of

Bob Dylan, the soundtrack from

Last Tango

in Paris

, different stuff ... My brother [who

is 10 years Depp’s senior] was a huge

influence on me and introduced me to a lot

of great music.

So my guitar became my best friend and I

just threw myself into learning all the chords

and riffs from all the best groups that I was

listening to at the time.

If I hadn’t got into acting, I would have

loved to have become a musician and just

played the guitar for a living and just toured

and enjoyed life on the road. That’s how I

wound up going to LA. But when my band

broke up, acting was just an opportunity

that came up and my life went in a

different direction.

Q: You’ve been on stage playing with a

number of artists such as Keith Richards,

Alice Cooper, the Black Keys and Marilyn

Manson ...

I’ve experienced a kind of rebirth in terms of

my relationship with music and its meaning

to me. I’ve had a beautiful time playing and

writing and being invited by some brilliant

musicians to play with them. It’s been

an honour for me and also a way of truly

reconnecting with something I love very dearly.

Q: Do you think music allows you to feel

less self-conscious or more at ease than

acting does?

The process is different. Music is just so

visceral and you’re expressing yourself through

that in a way where you’re not afraid to reveal

yourself that way. I grew up with an outsider’s

mentality and music was my way of escaping

that feeling. But I love acting and creating

characters. I enjoy finding the child inside me

when I can explore different characters and

allow my imagination to go wild. I love being

able to try on different disguises that way and

not trying to imitate what I’ve done before.

That’s where I find acting enables me to

indulge in this beautiful feeling of becoming

another character for that time – and you hope

that audiences are going to appreciate the work.