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All aboard the freedom ride


roy Cassar-Daley is a musical nomad. While he admits he’s not on

the road as much as some of his compatriots he has travelled far and

wide and his latest album,

Freedom Ride

, covers considerable miles

from the birthplaces of songs, across the globe to Nashville and back home


It’s been a few years since Troy upped stumps and took his family to

Nashville for several months to tick off one of the journeys on his bucket

list. There’s no doubt it was one of his most challenging trips but it was also

the most memorable. Wife Laurel Edwards continued to do her 4kq radio

show remotely while the couple’s children Clay and Gem went to local

schools during their stay.

“It was daunting,” says Troy as he recalls the experience, “but it showed

we could be a family no matter where we lived. There’s a feeling of stability

that shows you’re meant to be together.”

Troy was there to hone his craft and, away from tour dates and the

familiarity of his career, he wanted to focus on his songwriting. A cold call

to songwriter Kim Richey helped him unlock one of the foundation songs

of the new album, although its inspiration would come from memories of

tender moments with his family. When Troy told Richey of a very personal

recollection of a day in his life as a dad, she helped him formulate the

special song ‘This Day’.

It’s just one of the stories behind the album, and there’s one for every

song, gathered over almost two years; some ideas were scribbled on the

back of boarding passes, others came from conversations in airports or on

planes and many called on the collaboration of good mates.

Back home the album started to take shape after a call to good mate Paul

Kelly. Troy made the trip to Kelly’s home town of Melbourne and had the

bones of an idea on his boarding pass when he arrived. That would become

the album’s title track ‘Freedom Ride’ and before he left they had another

song in the bag.

Another mate, Jimmy Barnes, steps up to join Troy for a duet, the blue

collar FIFO anthem ‘Two Weeks On Two Weeks Off’. The song itself


Music from the 60s,

70s and 80s is less

likely to mean the

era than it is the age

of the musicians

as every month in

Brisbane you are

likely to find vintage

gold in shows where

some all-time greats

take to the stage

Troy Cassar-Daley launches a new album

at CMC Rocks and the songs reveal

much about this musician’s nomadic life


Listen up for tracks the band has never

previously performed live during a three-hour

songfest of classic Eagles hits (more than

150 million albums sold) that celebrates the

history of the band and its unique sound of

California Rock that has endured for more

than 40 years. Brisbane Entertainment

Centre on 10 and 11 March, (limited seats at

press time). See

Leo Sayer

Leo Sayer (80 million albums sold), 66, last

released an album six years ago so perhaps

the intervening years have indeed been the

Restless Years

, the title of the singer’s new

album and the inspiration for a regional tour

which includes the Tivoli, Fortitude Valley, 19

March (see

); See

also Redland Performing Arts Centre and

Ipswich Civic Centre for other dates.


| BNE March/April 2015