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BNE March/April 2015 |


BNE May/June 2 15 |


Annastacia Palaszczuk walks with her niece

Annie and her two dogs


). Point

Lookout headland on North Stradbroke

Island (


) is a favourite short getaway for

Queensland’s new Premier

You have four nieces and nephews; where

do you like to take them on a day out?

I have three nieces and one nephew aged 2 to 6.

I regularly take two of my nieces to their ballet

classes at Sumner Park, but I most enjoy having

my family around at my place for a barbecue, a

swim and, of course, ice cream afterwards.

You like swimming. Pool or beach?

I have a couple of favourite spots like Cylinder

Beach on North Stradbroke Island and Main

Beach at Southport. Nothing beats the backyard

pool at home with family though.

What do you like to do for entertainment?

I love being Premier, but I’m also really excited

about being Arts Minister. Brisbane has a

thriving art and cultural scene, something

many other destinations are envious of. It’s a

great coup for QAGOMA to be hosting the

David Lynch exhibition [until 7 June]. Other

art galleries around the world would be falling

over themselves trying to host it, yet it’s right

here in Brisbane. I’ve seen it and it’s amazing.

The South Brisbane precinct has a lot to offer.

QAGOMA is world-class, our museum is great,

there’s always something happening at QPAC,

and so much more. I also love taking my

mother to the ballet and definitely recommend

The Triffid, at Newstead for live music.

What is your favourite journey in Brisbane?

Taking the CityCat from St Lucia to New Farm.

It’s such a peaceful journey and Brisbane is so

beautiful from the river.

What’s a favourite walk in or around


I really enjoy the walk from Seventeen Mile

Rocks Park to Jindalee Bridge whenever I get

the chance. The Riverwalk is also an enjoyable

stroll from the city to New Farm Park and

Brisbane Powerhouse.

You like reading and writing for pleasure –

where do you like to read or write?

On my back deck at home.

Who is an author you are reading now?

I have always been a fan of history and I’ve

recently just read Matthew Condon’s second

book in the series,

Jacks and Jokers

. It’s

fascinating reading. I’m currently reading


on a Mission

by [respected Aboriginal elder]

Uncle Albert Holt.

How has your life changed since becoming

Premier of Queensland?

Of course there’s additional responsibilities like

less time with family as well as many different

meetings and events that take up almost

every spare moment, but I’d like to think that

regardless of the office I’m in, I won’t change as

a person.

Whether you’re a backbencher or Premier,

getting out and about and listening to the views

and concerns of everyday Queenslanders is what

it’s all about and that’s what I’ll continue to

do. If you take the time to listen you won’t lose

touch with people.

What is a short break you enjoy outside


North Stradbroke Island in Moreton Bay. Give

me Straddie any day!

Images: Main picture opposite page, Russell

Shakespeare/Newspix. Above, Tourism and Events


“What I most enjoy

is having my family

around at my place

for a barbecue in the

backyard, a swim

and, of course, an ice

cream afterwards”