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ven as reports reveal that Chris

Hemsworth’s films have earned more than

$4 billion at the box office worldwide

and he’s joined the list of top 10 male actors

by earnings this year, he’s not above returning

to where it all began and recently appeared in

an episode of

Home and Away

– the series that

put him in the spotlight – as an extra! It’s that

sort of down-to-earth behaviour that makes his

fans love him all the more – and shows he’s not

about to lose his Aussie attitude any time soon.

Since he first shot into the stratosphere of

stardom in


in 2011 Hemsworth has since

shown he also has a good sense of humour as

he has been blasted with a water gun on late

night television, parodied on the internet and

he romanced a chicken on

Saturday Night Live


And while he might be best recognised for his

role in



The Avengers

series, he also has

captured the attention of some of Hollywood’s

best directors, including Ron Howard.

Hemsworth received high praise for his role



(2013), as Formula 1 racing car driver

James Hunt, directed by Howard, and the

director has signed him up again as the lead in

the upcoming film

In the Heart of the Sea


for release in November this year).

In the meantime there’s also more comedy

to come as Hemsworth has a supporting role

in the


reboot (in cinemas 20 August)

and he’s currently filming the much talked

about female version of


, a part that

reportedly was re-written for him.

But before he can get carried away with titles

like ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ he’s got a family that

keeps his feet firmly planted in the real world.

“Look, it’s a nice acknowledgment, but at the

end of the day, my wife couldn’t care less if the

sexiest man alive takes out the garbage or me.

And my brothers make fun of me no matter

what. I guess it’s safe to say that I have enough

people around me that will keep me grounded.

It’s a good thing,” he says.

Q: How do you deal with being the ‘It boy’

in Hollywood. Do you buy into it?

To be honest, I don’t really hear about it. It’s

certainly not at home. My wife is not calling me

the new ‘It boy’. It’s more the opposite. She reads

me the riot act when I don’t do my jobs around

the house. I think it helps that I am not living in

Los Angeles. Back in Australia it’s just a different

world for me and my family. We live in a small

town, and it’s great. I love it.

Q: Why did you move back to Australia?

It was getting a little too much. My wife and I

can take the attention, but with the kids we felt it

was more appropriate to raise them in Australia.

We are so happy back here. It was the right

decision for us.

Q: Is it difficult to leave the family behind to

go to work?

Yes, it’s very hard. I spent almost four months

back home at the end of last year and it was

just wonderful. My daughter is old enough to

know when daddy is leaving and it breaks my

heart. I am having so much fun being a dad. My

daughter recently turned three and my twin boys

are 16 months old.

Q: You are known to be a pretty intense

guy. How would you describe yourself?

I get pretty obsessive. I have an all or nothing

attitude. It’s great when it’s all, but not so great

when it’s nothing. I enjoy being very disciplined.

I work well with structure. When I have time off

I don’t know what to do with myself.

Q: What kind of a dad are you?

I am a big kid myself. I like rolling around on

the floor with my kids. I hope I am a fun dad.

I want to recreate what my parents did. I want

to create a safe world for my kids and I want

them to be curious.

Q: How has being a dad changed you?

You experience a love you never experienced

before. Their safety and well-being is what

matters most now in my life. And that brings a

great sense of responsibility, which I really enjoy

by the way. Kids just make you more complete.

It surprised me that when they are upset I am

upset. The connection is amazing.

Q: Who is easier to raise, boys or a girl?

That’s a tricky question. I think girls in general

are a little easier, but I was told that might change

when they get older. I am just having a blast right

now with all of them. My daughter has her own

opinions now and everything is hers, at least she

claims it is.

At home in Byron Bay he’s a family man but away he’s an action man racing to

the top of Hollywood’s A-list. Interview by

Erwin van Steede


| BNE July/August 2015


at home and away

Thor in

The Avengers:

Age of Ultron


In the Heart of the Sea