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Text: The Interview People. Image: Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

BNE July/August 2015 |


Q: Does she recognise you on screen yet?

My wife and I are asking ourselves the same

question. She saw the fighting scene between Iron

Man and Thor on TV, and she pointed at Thor

and kept saying “Papa, Papa”, so she must know

that it’s me – and then she said “ouchy” when I

got beaten up.

Q: You are best known as Thor. Are you

scared to be typecast as the superhero?

A little bit. Especially in the beginning, but

at the same time Thor gave me a lot of new

opportunities. I love being Thor. I am a big fan of

the Avengers. It’s been fun.

Q: What kind of movies do you like?

I like epic movies. I like




, I love

the fantasy aspect in movies. I also like movies

that touch my heart. I remember when


came out. It was right at a time when I was

breaking up with a girlfriend. So I went out and

just drank a lot of wine, inspired by that movie.

Q: Your wife Elsa is from Spain. Do your

kids learn how to speak Spanish?

My mum is learning Spanish and talks to them

in Spanish. I teach them Australian. I don’t think

my talent lies in learning another language.

Q: You and your wife are pretty athletic. Do

you ever work out together?

Yes, we do. We have a little gym at home where

we work out together. And Elsa is trying to talk

me into horseback riding. But I am not really

made for horses, I think. I’d rather go out into

the ocean.

Q: Being one of three brothers, how

competitive are you guys with each other?

Well, we are competitive, but it’s not about jobs.

I wish both of them all the success they deserve,

but when it comes to sports like surfing or rugby,

yeah, that’s when we become little boys again,

that’s when we do get very competitive with each

other – but it’s all in good spirits. It never gets

nasty – well, maybe sometimes (laughs).