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BNE May/June 2016 |


ew York, New York! As the old song says, it’s a hell of

a town. But there’s more to explore in the Big Apple

than the well-worn tourist trails to the Statue of

Liberty, Empire State Building, Central Park and the

elevated walkway known as the High Line. At street

level Manhattan and in the city’s other boroughs there

are boutique tours, quirky sights and great places

to eat and drink. After you’ve given your regards to

Broadway, here are some other places to check out.



You may be surprised to find that one of Australia’s

greatest exports to the USA is ... coffee! Or rather, the

Australian way of setting up a café and preparing the

beverage. In American cafés you generally queue to

order and there isn’t much food on offer, so the Aussie

model, with table service and excellent casual dishes

served alongside a quality flat white, has been a great


One of the best choices in Midtown is Little Collins

at 667 Lexington Ave


. With its

sleek industrial look, it could have been dropped in

from Brisbane’s West End; try the Charcoal Chook

sandwich, with mashed peas, bacon, caramelised onion

and chipotle mayo, alongside top espresso.

Other great Australian-owned Manhattan cafés

include Two Hands in Little Italy at 164 Mott St


; Bluebird in the East Village at 72

E 1st St


) and Bluestone Lane

has several outlets




Until it became gentrified in the late 20th century,

Greenwich Village was the bohemian home to a vast

array of great writers. From Edgar Allen Poe and Mark

Twain to Jack Kerouac and Dylan Thomas, all the

literary greats hung out at Village bars.

The Greenwich Village Literary Pub Crawl revives

the days when these drinking holes were a key element

in the creative process, visiting three long-lived

establishments and detailing their connections to

famous writers, starting at the White Horse Tavern.

Within these atmospheric taverns and on the walk

between them, actor and tour guide Eric Chase quotes

key passages and poems, saying “We’re here to learn




The Australian way of setting up a café, with table

service and excellent casual dishes served alongside

a quality flat white, has been a great success