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BNE May/June 2016 |





Spring Hill


Brunswick St, New Farm



Mt Tamborine


Edward St, City

FROM TOP: Spring Hill is just a short

walk from the city. Image by Koji

Hashimoto/Flickr. Brunch at New Farm

Deli is a Saturday morning ritual. Image

by Marc Grimwade. Cooling off period in

mountain water holes. Image from

A big

bowl of ramen at Taro’s hits the spot.


Catch and Release

is one of Gus’

works at Ashington Street, West End

painted abroad in countries such as Indonesia,

Thailand, Italy and Germany. 

What makes Brisbane different from other

cities in Australia you have been?

Brisbane is special because there’s not millions of

people jammed into one place like Melbourne

or Sydney. The traffic alone in those places could

send you insane. Brisbane is a bit more chilled and

the overall attitude people have is more laid back.

What has changed for the better in Brisbane

since you have lived here?

People are starting to warm up to the idea of

street art and graffiti. In the past, it was very

difficult to get nice places to paint. Now there are

opportunities to be taken seriously and to paint

large scale pieces for everyone to admire.

Got a hot tip for visitors?

Sometimes after a long week some friends and I

grab brunch and chill out. Usually we wouldn’t

go out of our way on a Saturday morning to

do anything unless we had to but this breakfast

spot has got us hooked! New Farm Deli (900

Brunswick Street) is awesome; they do an Eggs

Benedict like you wouldn’t believe. They do all-

day breakfast except for a few items on the menu,

which is great if you want to sleep in. It’s always

busy no matter what time of day it is with about

20 staff working – no joke – which shows how

good it really is. It’s the place to be! 

What’s your favourite meal to eat out?

There is an awesome amount of variety in

Brisbane and one of my favourite foods is

Japanese ramen. There is no better place in

Brisbane for a big bowl of ramen than Taro’s

on Edward Street (there’s another Taro’s on

Racecourse Road in Ascot). Their ramen is

made fresh in house with so much tradition and

care that it takes you to another place – it really

is that good.

Do you have a favourite chillout activity

away from art?

When it gets really hot most people flock

to the coast. Little do they realise that there

are some great waterfalls and rock pools not

far away. For example, Cedar Creek Falls at

Mount Tamborine is less than an hour’s drive

from Brisbane. That one is super easy to access

but it’s not the only one and the water is

always nice and crisp. It’s a perfect day out to

beat the heat!

A favourite short break outside Brisbane?

I like going to the Sunshine Coast where there

are some really nice beaches and places to

relax. And there is a super chill atmosphere like

everyone is on vacation and there is no stress.