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Sweet and juicy

Nepalese-born Yubee Khatri grew up on a farm and now grows heirloom

tomatoes in more colours and shapes than you’ve ever seen at his Helidon

farm, living up to its reputation as a tomato lover’s paradise. Yubee also

grows heirloom eggplant, super crunchy baby cucumbers

and mixes of colourful mini capsicums. He’s

a regular at farmers markets in Brisbane

and the Gold Coast (for details see

and will be part of the producer’s

showcase at Regional Flavours.


Regional Flavours

Concentrated flavour

As a vegetarian Melissa Sheppard was never happy with store-

bought stocks full of additives which often had an unpleasant

aftertaste, so she decided to make her own using a treasured recipe

from her Swedish mother-in-law and fresh ingredients direct from

neighbouring farms in the Lockyer Valley. Although she used the

stock concentrates in her own cooking for years she has only made

them commercially in the last year. Vaxtkraft (meaning ‘growing

power’ in Swedish) is suitable for anyone following gluten-free,

dairy-free, low sodium, paleo or vegan diets. The only retail stockist of

Vaxtkraft in Brisbane is The Stores, West End.



Annie Emmerson started making cheese out of necessity when

deregulation took its toll on dairy farming and she and

husband Paul replaced the cows on their Thornton farm

with goats. Since then she has earned a reputation as one

of Queensland’s finest cheesemakers, recently winning her

latest Champion award at the Royal Queensland Food and

Wine Show for her fetta. Annie’s Nannybert, a camembert-

style cheese made from goat’s milk, is also a show-pleaser

and has won many awards but you’re not likely to find it

unless you visit the farmers markets at Mulgowie and Plainland,

or visit Regional Flavours where Annie’s best sellers will be available

(including marinated fettas) as well as some new varieties she’s trialling.


With a fire-breathing dragon as part of the

family crest – and part of the company logo – it’s

no surprise that the Seatonfire chilli chocolate

produced by mother and son team Lynne Seaton-

Anderson and Jason O’Connor packs a powerful

punch. The chilli grown organically and hand-

picked at the family farm in Murphy’s Creek in

the Lockyer Valley is among the world’s hottest,

and the chocolate is infused with other ingredients

grown on the farm such as Persian limes, oranges

and rosemary for some thrilling combinations, all in

a base of dark chocolate. Liquorice and lime is one

to taste! At Regional Flavours there will be some

special tempters not available in stores, including

chilli chocolate truffles laced with whisky, white

chilli chocolate with cranberry and coconut brittle

and a chocolate picnic pack of mixed goodies.

Purely organic

Celebrity chef Alastair McLeod (


) lives on a rural

property on Brisbane’s city fringe and has long been

an advocate of local produce, particularly from the

Lockyer Valley, and Rob Bauer’s organic potatoes are

a favourite he’s been using for more than a decade.

Bauer’s family has been farming in the Lockyer

Valley since the 1880s and Rob was a forerunner to

the organic ‘trend’, adopting chemical-free practices

more than 30 years ago to farm just as his great

grandparents had done when they first arrived on the

land. The public can visit Bauer’s Organic Farm on

seasonal open days (the next one is Sunday 31 July)

and produce can be pre-ordered and collected from

the farm. See

The Lockyer Valley

, just an

hour’s drive west of Brisbane, is called

Australia’s salad bowl but it’s far more

than that. It’s one of the top 10 most

fertile farming areas in the world and

it produces more than 110,000 tonnes

of vegetables shipped to stores across

the country every year – supplying, in

fact, 95 per cent of Australia’s winter

vegetables. However, not all the Lockyer

Valley farmers are big operators, some

supply only farmers markets and others

are still finding outlets for their niche

products but they all have one thing in

common and that is their passion for

fresh and flavoursome food. Find them

at Regional Flavours where chefs from

around the country will share recipes

and tips for cooking with the best local

produce from South East Queensland at

South Bank Parklands on 16 and 17 July.

Find out more about Regional Flavours