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| BNE September/October 2016




In May this year 19-year-old Alyssa Azar became the youngest

Australian to reach the summit of Mount Everest and at last she was

able to write the final chapter in her book

The Girl Who Climbed


(with Sue Williams) published by Penguin and due in

bookshops on 19 September.

She began writing the book when she was almost 15, soon after

climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, another of the world’s

highest peaks, when she decided to pursue her dream of climbing

Mount Everest in earnest. However, her story, and her dream,

starts much earlier than that – when she was eight and on her first

adventure to walk the Kokoda Trail with her dad Glenn.

Since then she has climbed many peaks in South America,

Nepal and around the world and some may think she’s reached

the pinnacle now that she has climbed to the top of Everest, but

she’s not done yet. She has set herself a new goal to climb the rest

of the seven summits (on each continent) in the next 18 months

and in between she will share her passion for climbing with other


In October the Brisbane-based teen will lead a small group

on a trek of the ‘Aussie 10 peaks’, or the highest peaks in Mt

Kosciuszko National Park, in her new role as a guide with Adventure

Professionals. The conditions couldn’t be more different than what

she experienced on Everest – the highest peak is 2228 metres (Base

Camp on Everest is over 5000 metres) and they will retreat to hotel

accommodation in Thredbo after each day’s climbing – but she is

looking forward to taking the guiding role for a change and sharing

her skills and knowledge with other keen climbers …and then she

will go back to Mount Aconcagua in South America before the end

of the year to continue her quest to complete the seven summits.

Alyssa Azar will be at Dymocks

Brisbane for a book signing

on 27 September. See

To follow her journey

and for Aussie 10

Peaks details see

Alyssa Azar

On Everest