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| BNE September/October 2016


Amy Schumer admits she has always

revealed more than she should but her

storytelling has the world’s attention, on

stage and screen and now in a new book




mother had an affair with her best friend’s father

and her dad has multiple sclerosis, we know that

she’s had only one one-night stand in her life so

far, and she met her latest boyfriend on a dating

app (the first person she chatted to). But we also

know that she adores her brother and sister, likes

stuffed animals and doesn’t let the bad stuff get

her down.

Now she’s living the dream, rich again,

collaborating with some of the great comics of

the time from Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock to

gal pals Lena Dunham and Jennifer Lawrence

(they’re writing a script together) and she

recently finished filming a movie with



legend Goldie Hawn who has been coaxed

out of a 14-year hibernation to return to the

big screen. Hawn admitted she was waiting

for the right role to come along. “It had to be

funny and it had to be with the right person,”

Hawn told entertainment reporters who’ve been

trying to sniff out details about the project for

months. “If it can’t live up to the expectation,

it’s not worth doing, and you want it to be with

someone you admire and adore,” Hawn said.

Schumer appears to have no trouble attracting

the A-list to her. She had just started to make a

name for herself as a stand-up comedian when

she was asked to do a TV special for HBO. She

asked Chris Rock if he would direct and he said

yes. He was asked why. “Amy’s real. She just is.

She’s not all show business-y and comedian-y.


here’s probably not much

we don’t know about Amy

Schumer now that she’s

published her first book – not so much an

autobiography as a series of stories from her life.

Since the release of

The Girl with the Lower Back


there is one story she has told a few times

about something that happened when she was

14. She was hanging around with her girlfriends

and some boys on their bikes, carrying bags of

beer, hoping the police wouldn’t chase them,

when the boys goaded them into lifting their

shirts to flash them. So they did. But Amy

wondered why all the boys were looking only

at her and quickly realised she was the only one

who had actually flashed them; the other girls

had only lifted their shirts to show some bra!

That experience, she says, could be a metaphor

for her life – always revealing too much.

Her comedy has always been frank,

particularly about sex, but it wasn’t always clear

whether the stories that formed her act were

really true or not, testament, perhaps, to her

skill as an actor, writer and comedian. However,

she is adamant that all the stories in the book

are indeed true and based on detailed journals

she wrote between the ages of 13 and 23.

Just in case you hadn’t heard it before, now

we know she grew up rich, for a little while

anyway before her father’s business went belly

up, and then they were poor. We know her

I feel strong and

beautiful. The people

I love, love me. I make

the funniest people in

the country laugh, and

they are my friends. I

have fought my way

through harsh criticism

and death threats for

speaking my mind. I

am alive. I am fearless.


| B E November/De em r 1

– Amy Schumer

from her speech at the Ms Foundation for

Women Gloria Awards and Gala, 2014