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Photography by Trevor King

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Sweet smell of success

A pure organic skin care collection home grown on Tamborine Mountain has found

international success and opens its firstWellness Spa at Brisbane Airport


ihua Song is no stranger to global success. She had built businesses

in technology, manufacturing and property investment from Hong

Kong to London before a family health crisis inspired her to take a

dramatic detour. When her father was diagnosed with cancer the family

moved to the Gold Coast for three months during his treatment and a trip

to Mount Tamborine during that stay changed her life.

Today it’s not only her home but it’s also the base for her latest business

success – Jasmin Organics – a premium quality, certified organic skin care

collection that is sold in 15 countries. Overseas, Jasmin Organics is a rock

star – in Japan it is distributed by beauty market leader Shiseido, in Hong

Kong and Hollywood the products are used by actresses and in Paris it has

been awarded the highest accolade for its “green” practices – but at home

it’s still one of the beauty world’s best kept secrets.

However, that may change now that Jasmin Organics has opened a

mini day spa at Brisbane Airport’s International Terminal, located inside

the Departures area. It offers a top 10 selection of pampering services

from the 20-minute express facial therapy or a de-stress back, neck and

shoulders massage to a full hour-long body massage, each treatment

providing an introduction to the Jasmin Organics products which are

chemical-free, fully organic and formulated from ingredients grown at the

15-hectare property on Tamborine Mountain. Only rare ingredients, such

as Bulgarian rose and ylang ylang, are imported when necessary.

Song (

pictured below

) began her quest to create a premium range of

natural skin care products in Brisbane but it was the quality of the water

that drew her to Tamborine Mountain to achieve the level of purity

she needed to make the leap from merely ‘natural’ products to certified

organic. It took three years to meet all the criteria for certification and the

company continues to be audited every year but the ‘farm’, on the edge of

a national park, is self-sustainable for all its water and power use.

Song also welcomes visitors to explore the gardens and see how the

products are made. This month it will be a hive of activity, and not only

because honey from their own bees will be ready to be harvested, but

many of the flowers will be coming into full bloom and ready for picking.

Almost 3o different plants and flowers are grown to produce 48 different

essential oils and four skin care product ranges, including three types

of lavender, lemon myrtle, camelia, geranium, roses, marigolds and the

property is bordered by macadamia trees.

Jasmin Organics Wellness Spa

is now open at Brisbane Airport

International Terminal, Departures.

Or visit Jasmin Organics at 197

Long Road, Tamborine Mountain,

60 minutes south of Brisbane in the

Gold Coast hinterland.


Natural beauty

Aloe Vera

The healer. Used for centuries in skin healing and soothing. It is

a multi-purpose skin treatment that helps prevent skin damage

and may also assist with natural sun protection.


The nourisher. High in antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamin C

to help prevent free radical skin damage which can lead to

premature ageing of the skin. Avocado oil has also been shown

to reduce UV radiation from sun exposure because of the high

content of vitamin E.

Chamomile flower

The soother. Its calming effects on the skin can ease inflammation

and may help to soothe or eliminate rashes and other skin



The stimulant. It has an uplifting aroma and is favoured for its

antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Also known as a

circulatory stimulant, the oil derived from the lavender plant

helps to reduce breakouts and increase blood flow which boosts

skin cell turnover for a clearer looking skin.

Rose Hip

The refresher. Rich in vitamin C and a variety of anti-oxidants

it helps to prevent bacteria on the skin and helps to rejuvenate

new skin cells.

Rose Otto

The balancer. The oil extracted from the delicate rose petal is

often used for perfume due its intoxicating aroma, but it also

helps to balance and nourish dry or ageing skin. Used every day,

rose oil boosts skin radiance and provides essential nourishment

to reduce fine lines and has been known to decrease redness

and hyperpigmentation.


| BNE November/December 2016