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santa claus

As Santa prepares

for another busy

Christmas he took

a break from the

workshop for a rare

interview ...


| BNE November/December 2016

Any unusual requests?

I have been asked for unicorns and occasionally

I am asked by children for an elf to help do their

chores. Animals are quite popular – from puppies

and pussycats to ponies. They can be quite hard to

deliver. Sadly, sometimes I am asked to bring back

a family member who has passed away, or a parent

who has been separated from the family because

the child misses them. Those requests bring a tear

to my eyes every time.

You have sent out many presents over the

years, any tips for where the rest of us might

find some great Christmas shopping?

Mrs Claus likes making things so she loves

fossicking around markets such as the Riverside

markets in the City Botanic Gardens every

Sunday and, of course, the Christmas Markets

at South Bank where many craft people show off

their wares for sale. Mrs Claus says she can find

anything for anyone there, no matter how quirky

– I don’t like to give away her secrets but she

finds most of the gifts for our own family there!

I am more traditional and love wooden toys like

the ones my ancestors used to give out many

years ago, or the educational and eco-friendly

toys you can still find in stores such as biome or

Knock On Wood at Sinnamon Park.


hat’s your favourite Christmas

event in Brisbane?

There are so many great events all over South-

East Queensland at Christmas but some of

the best for me are lighting the Christmas

tree in King George Square, the Lord Mayor’s

Christmas Carols on the Riverstage in the City

Botanic Gardens and Mrs Claus is a big fan of

the Christmas Markets at South Bank.

Where can people find you this year?

I will be at South Bank’s Christmas Market

from 16 to 23 December and Mrs Claus and

our chief Elf will join me on 16, 17, 22 and

23 December, then I will be making a side trip

to Dolphins Leagues Club, Redcliffe on 18


What’s the most common thing children

ask for?

Lego and Barbie are still popular requests

from the under 5s but after that age electronic

devices are the top pick for both boys and girls.

A couple of Christmases ago the iPhone 6 was

on top of a lot of lists because it was quite new

but many of the younger boys and girls still ask

for trucks and dolls or scooters and dress-up


Photography, main image, by Eric Wang