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| BNE January/February 2017

While both vegetarians and vegans eat raw and

cooked food, our taste for raw food, in particular

appears to be growing.

Johnny Tabet, owner of Charlie’s Raw Squeeze,

Veganyumm Dessert Bakehouse, Charlie’s Vegan

Pantry and MooFree Burgers became vegan after

doing an eight-week plant-based challenge with

his local gym. However, Johnny and his brother

Michael (also vegan) found it hard to socialise

and eat out


keep to their new regime. So they

decided to make their diet their business, opening

a juice bar in Charlie’s Fruit Market at Everton

Park where they’d been working side by side for

16 years.

“We thought it should be a juice bar with a

twist and made it 100 per cent vegan, where you

can get a drink or eat from the same place and

not have to think whether the food has been

contaminated with animal products. It was a

risky move but we had to make the change as we

believe in it,” Johnny says.

They were surprised at just how many other

people were looking for easy access to raw vegan

food and now there are eight Raw Squeeze

bars around Brisbane but that number is set to

almost double in coming months. Their Vegan

Pantry grocery stores have recorded the same

sort of success and more are due to open. There’s

room, too, for some guilt-free pleasures at their

Veganyumm dessert bakehouse at Everton Park,

the first dedicated vegan dessert cafe in Brisbane.

Tabet says that since going vegan, he’s sleeping

better. “I don’t wake up during the night as I used

to. I have more energy.”

meet at the barre

Once the workout favoured by A-listers, including

Victoria’s Secret models, Miranda Kerr and

Natalie Portman, barre is taking the world by

storm. As word got out, it quickly earned a huge

following in the UK and US and in the last year

dedicated studios have been opening up in Brisbane

with great success.

It’s easy to see why. Developed to tone and sculpt

the entire body, regular barre classes lead to longer,

leaner muscles and increased flexibility and strength.

Using a ballet barre, the workout is a fusion of yoga,

Pilates and ballet conditioning exercises. Word is,

students see changes in their bodies within weeks,

including a tighter butt and greater definition in legs

and abdomen.

“Barre lengthens and tones muscles all over the

body allowing you to feel not only strong within

your body, but also in your mind,” says Ash Daniec,

studio director and instructor at West End’s Barre

Brisbane, the first dedicated studio to open in


Daniec has a dance background and when she

heard about barre workouts she went to the US to

try it out. She was so inspired she went on to take

training courses and opened her studio almost a year

ago. She began as the only trainer, taking a couple

of classes a day during the week. Now she has six

instructors who take four to six classes a day, every

day of the week, and she is looking for another

studio space to open this year.

Daniec insists you don’t need dance experience to

do it and the moves are low impact so suit people

of all ages. Men, too, see the benefits. Classes range

from Classic to Cardio, Endurance and Stretch.

“Barre combines strength, flexibility, cardio and

meditation, so it offers a great mix of everything.”

Adding barre classes to a short getaway has also

been popular and two retreats to Noosa later this

month sold out well in advance, prompting Daniec

to team up with Patty Perlman of Mana Yoga

Barre lengthens

and tones muscles

all over the body,

allowing you to

feel strong not only

within your body,

but also in your


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– Ash Daniec