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BNE January/February 2017 |


Retreats to organise a week-long Bali Retreat in

April. See


What’s that sound?

Tibetan Sound Healing has been around for

centuries but in our 24/7, go-go-go, always

connected to a screen world, we might need it

now more than ever and it is gaining popularity

among natural therapists, there are even meet-up

groups devoted to it (Thinley Tsering runs them

weekly in Brisbane).

Sounds or vibrations using special bowls

crafted by Tibetan monks (often called ‘Singing

Bowls’) are reported to reduce stress, target pain

and help with mental clarity but Brisbane-based

biofeedback practitioner Gabriele Engstrom says

improved sleep is a key benefit. “Most people

come back and tell me they can sleep so much

better. That’s number one,” she says.

Through a combination of voice and tapping

a choice of bowls with different implements

close to the subject, sound vibrations help

readjust and rebalance energy fields in the body.

If the sound of the bowls is scratchy over any

area then it’s out of balance.

Engstrom has been using the method for

about 10 years but says she is seeing more people

than ever who are looking for solutions to high

levels of stress and anxiety.

“If people are in high stress it slows them

down,” says Engstrom. “It also reduces quite

a lot of anxiety. It reduces irritability. Sound

therapy is also used in surgery in many hospitals,

especially in Europe.”

Healing sessions can be carried out one-on-one

with a practitioner or in a group and even by

yourself at home. “We always teach people how

they can help themselves at home because people

don’t have as much time any more,” Engstrom

says. “That’s very important.” Find out more at

travel well

According to specialist website

people are increasingly seeing travel as a way to

bring balance into their lives with one survey

revealing almost half consider holidays a time to

reflect and make better lifestyle choices. It says the

coming year will see many travellers prioritising

health-conscious trips that promise harmony for

the mind, body and soul. In the global survey

more than 40 per cent showed interest in spa/

relaxation travel.

Accomodation providers around the world

are already upgrading their facilities to meet the

growing demand and ‘SanctuStays’ are expected

to be trending well in 2017.

While the mindfulness colouring sheets are

a limited edition at Westin Hotels and Resorts

across the Asia-Pacific until the end of February,

the hotel group provides regular classes at in-

house fitness studios, running maps of the local

city, and a Gear Lending Program that offers

exercise clothing and shoes for a nominal fee. For

more information see

5-20 minutes of Breath

Awareness Meditation

Eating your breakfast

without doing anything

else, like getting dressed,

watching TV, checking emails!

Doing a yoga pose or some

tai chi and noticing howthis

makes you feel

Walkingmindfully towork

without your mind racing to

the day ahead

Noticing howwonderful

hugging a loved one can be






Mindfulness practises

you can do every day

- Alison Keane