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You have a dog – where’s a place your dog

loves to go?

Ruby is an RSPCA girl, she’s a mix. They said

she was a Bull Arab but to me she’s just my

big brown dog. I love to take Ruby to Nudgee

Beach, there’s a big off leash beach there and all

the dogs have a great time.

Where’s your favourite place for coffee?

Reverends in Fortitude Valley does great

coffee, they don’t even flinch when I order

a cappuccino. I also love their food, it’s

probably my favourite spot for brunch

at the moment.

What about a meal out?

I love Gobi Manchurian at Taj

Mahal on Brunswick Street, at

New Farm. It’s a simple dish

of fried cauliflower in a light

chilli sauce, but it’s so delicious.

I’ve ordered it every single time

I’ve been there. I love that it’s

just up from Bloodhound Bar, also

on Brunswick Street, where I like to try a

couple of their new craft beers then head to my

old faithful Taj Mahal to top the night.

What is your favourite leisure activity?

I like watching drift practise at Archerfield on

a Thursday night, drifting is a style of driving

where you try to get your car sideways around a

course. Of course, the best bit is when someone

pushes it too far and goes into the pile of tyres! I

know, I’m a bogan. I’m sorry.

You grew up in Samford. What are you

fondest memories of childhood there?

It was excellent to have creeks to play in, there

was always a wallaby eating the grass on our

front lawn, we had two hectares so you could

play music loud and burn piles of old wood

if you wanted to, it was a bit far away from

things for me as a teenager but when I was

little I loved it.











Brisbane-based comedian Mel Buttle presents

her show I Can’t Believe It’s Not Buttle as part

of the Brisbane Comedy Festival, 14-19 March.

Tickets from $22-32 per person plus fees at

You started stand-up in Perth where you

studied marketing. What made you decide to

turn to comedy?

I just got hooked on it, I started doing open mic

in Perth as I felt I had nothing to lose, being away

from home, and before you know it you’re kind

of addicted to comedy. I just kept going and here

I am. I was also hopeless at working in an office. I

can’t sit still and I struggle with organisation. Also

I can’t take any clip art signs seriously.

What’s the funniest thing that’s ever

happened to you?

I was so bad at working in an office when I left

my job in Perth, they unveiled a permanent

plaque they’d installed on the tea room door

that read ‘The Mel Buttle Memorial Tea Room’

because I spent so much time in there just day-

dreaming and not working.

You co-host

The Great Australian Bake-of


on Foxtel’s Lifestyle Channel, any tips on

where to find great baked treats in Brisbane?

I love Jocelyn’s Provisions in James Street,

Fortitude Valley. The passionfruit cupcakes are

the best (but Jocelyn has moved on and now

bakes for her latest store Cake and Bake at West

End, also a treat). Pearl Café at Woolloongabba

has a great pastry chef and when I just need a

couple of slices of cake for a dinner party I pop in

there. My other favourite is Miettes Boulangerie

and Patisserie. There’s one in Corinda and at

Graceville, where I get my bread. They do a

fabulous organic, stone-ground, whole-wheat


What is yor favourite short break out of town?

Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. Rick Shores is

a great restaurant right on the beachfront, perfect

for few cocktails and I cannot recommend their

Fried (Moreton Bay) Bug Roll enough. I often

Airbnb a place in Burleigh for a couple of nights

when I need a break. It’s still got a bit of that ’80’s

Gold Coast vibe to it which I love – it’s not all

high-rises and kale smoothies.

I love to take people to

Archerfield Speedway.

It’s loud, there are

fireworks sometimes,

there’s carnival food,

it’s really fun

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