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Page Background 38 | BNE July/August 2016 We caught up with Kevin Dupe, CEO of Regional Australia Bank to see what’s driving their success. Why Regional Australia Bank? Regional Australia Bank is a bank that understands and backs regional Australia. It taps into the idea that we are better when we work together, and that regional Australians deserve to have a relationship with a financial institution that understands what makes them tick. Many of us live in Regional Australia because we have a yearning for more space, less traffic, friendly neighbours and for many it’s the opportunity for a better quality of life. There is also a desire for a stronger sense of connec- tion, and to this extent, community spirit underpins most aspects of life in a regional centre. Those of us lucky enough to call Regional Australia home know what I am talking about and it all just adds up to getting things done that little bit easier. We think there is no reason why banking should be any different. So what does a regional approach to banking actually mean? Our customers are our owners, which means collectively regional Australians are all equal shareholders in their Bank. So it’s no surprise that the service we offer is all about taking those qualities we hold dear in our regional Australian lives and reflecting them in the bank. For example, when it comes to lending, we’ll ditch the loan approval queues, the confusion and impersonal service of some banks in favour of efficiency, acces- sibility, clarity and fast decision-making. Where the person that you talk to is in most cases, the person who will be the one to sign off on your loan without having to go through a centralised processing centre. We’re all about not having you endlessly repeat your story, your situa- tion, your dreams to different people. It’s about tackling the problems you might be finding complex and making them simple and easy to understand. It comes down to simple things like providing customers with a consistent point of contact and a willingness to take the time to fully understand their unique financial situation. This is the service expectation that our customers have come to value and is what we’re best known for. It’s more than just banking isn’t it? Being regional is all about pitching in, we feel privileged that our institu- tion can act as a conduit for building resilient communities and helping to create better places to live. Being customer-owned, we don’t have the pressure to maximise shareholder profits. This means we can put our profits back into our business as well as distribute them to our regional communities. Our aspiration to make a difference is evident through the many commu- nity programs we operate that have seen local community groups re- ceive over one million dollars in the form of grass roots sponsorships, charitable donations and small in- frastructure projects in the last year alone - and it’s not stopping there! It’s about people helping people – this is what Regional Australia Bank is about, and we think you can’t get much closer to the Regional Australian ethos than that! A new champion for regional prosperity ADVERTORIAL