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BNE March/April 2017 |


For more information call the Planetarium on (07) 3403 2578 or visit Enjoy a show in the Cosmic Skydome and take a tour of the night sky with an astronomer. Discover the secrets of the universe at the



Most people might see them only in film clips

of base camp at Mt Everest but prayer flags

are a tradition that dates back to ancient Tibet

and they carry important spiritual meaning.

The flags are printed with messages of peace,

compassion, prosperity or happiness to share with

the world and Buddhists believe that, as they

blow in the breeze, those messages are carried on

the wind to benefit all perceptive beings. At the

Festival of Tibet a prayer flag workshop will show

how to make them using traditional hand-carved

woodblocks, just one of several free activities that

will be part of the festival from 26-30 April at

Brisbane Powerhouse, New Farm. There are also

ticketed events for concerts, cooking, singing

bowl, painting and calligraphy workshops, panel

discussions and talks to provide an insight to the

culture and funds raised will be donated to the

Tibetan Children’s Villages schools in India. For

the program see