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Massage Chairs

Massage chairs are located throughout the airport in order to provide you with every opportunity to take 5 minutes and enjoy a relaxing massage. Locations are as follows:


International Terminal (Level 3):

Opposite Gate 75 = 2 chairs

Opposite Gate 79 = 2 chairs

Opposite Gate 82= 2 chairs

Opposite Gate 84/85 = 2 chairs


Domestic Terminal (Level 2):

Gate 38 = 2 chairs



Opposite Woolworths in the Village Markets = 2 chairs




The Chairs cost $2 initially for 4 minutes of deep-tissue Shiatsu massage therapy. For an additional $1 you get another bonus 4 minutes. Kneading, tapping and rolling across back and shoulders can be varied in strength by the customer with the digital control panel. Legs are massaged by inflatable cushions and can also be varied in intensity using the digital controls.