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24 October 2012


Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) has today announced details of an interim solution to address issues caused by the opening of the Pick-up Waiting Area at the Domestic Terminal.


From Tuesday 6 November (subject to weather):


1. Drivers will be allowed to pick-up arriving passengers on the newly titled Departures/2 min Pick-up Road in front of the terminal.


  • As per strict security requirements, drivers will only be allowed 2 minute maximum stopping time to collect their passengers.
  • Special ‘zones’ will be designated along the kerb to assist drivers and arriving passengers to find each other and facilitate a quick pick-up.
  • The at-grade pedestrian crossings at the Qantas and Virgin ends of the terminal will be re-opened allowing arriving passengers easy access to the Departures/2 min Pick-up Road.

2. The 221 car bay Pick-up Waiting Area (beside the long-term car park) will remain open as a dedicated ‘waiting area’ for drivers whose passengers are not yet ready to be collected.


  • Drivers should plan to arrive around 10-15 fifteen minutes after their passenger’s flight is scheduled to arrive. This allows passengers time to collect their luggage and to make their way to the kerb.A Flight Information Display Screen at the Pick-up Waiting Area will advise drivers of flight arrival times or delays.Drivers should wait in this area for their passenger/s to call and notify them that they are ready to be collected from the relevant ‘zone’ on the Departures/2 min Pick-up Road in front of the terminal.
  • Upon receiving a call that their passenger is at the kerb, drivers can leave the Pick-up Waiting Area and drive around to the Departures/2 min Pick-up Road to collect their passenger (2 minute stopping time only).Drivers are advised to stay with their cars at all times.
  • A 30 minute free time limit will apply in the Pick-up Waiting Area before short-term parking rates apply.


Julieanne Alroe CEO and Managing Director BAC said drivers should use the Pick-up Waiting Area and not continuously drive around the Departures/2 min Pick-up Road while waiting to collect passengers.


“Our first priority is to relieve traffic congestion on the Departures/2 min Pick-up Road and to give priority to drivers dropping off passengers needing to catch a flight.


Secondly, we want to provide a safe waiting zone for drivers picking-up passengers so they no longer have to circle the terminal adding to congestion.


“We need drivers to adhere to the strict two minute stopping time limit and only access the Departures/2 min Pick-up Road when their passenger is ready and waiting at the kerb.


“If drivers cooperate we expect the Pick-up Waiting Area to remove a number of vehicles off the Departures/Pick-up Road, however with the Departures and Arrivals areas now combined people should expect and plan ahead for congestion on these roads during peak times,” Ms Alroe said.


BAC also reminds travellers that arrangements for those collecting passengers with mobility limitations (including disabilities, injuries and illnesses that affect mobility, as well as the elderly who have limited or compromised mobility) have not changed.


“We cannot emphasise strongly enough that passengers with mobility limitations and those collecting passengers with mobility limitations should continue to use the Departures/2 min Pick-up Road where there is a number of ‘accessible parking’ bays allowing drivers 30 minutes to park, enter the terminal and assist mobility impaired passengers,” Ms Alroe said.


If drivers do not have a disability parking permit visible in their car, they can still use these parking bays but they must speak to the Kerbside Officer before leaving their car and explain that they are collecting a passenger who has limited mobility. If they have not spoken to an officer before they leave the vehicle, it may be towed for security reasons.


“We would like to like to thank the hundreds of people who have taken the time to make comments and suggestions about possible solutions for this situation.


“It is a complex issue that requires a simple but multifaceted solution and while these interim measures are a positive step forward, we will continue to assess the situation and make additional changes in the future to meet growing demand,” Ms Alroe said.

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